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The transfer of police investigating the Nghi Son sealing project


SAV violates the signs that violate Nghi Son Oil Refinery Management Board rules

SAV violates the signs that violate Nghi Son Oil Refinery Management Board rules

Information from the State Inspectorate said recently signed by Nguyen Quang Thanh, former Secretary of State for signing and sending a letter 1576 / KTNN-TH to the Police Research Agency – Ministry of Public Security: investigations to clarify some violations of legal violations found at the Nghi Son consolidation project management committee .

Prior to the implementation of the 2018 audit plan, the State Audit Office carried out audits in financial statements in 2017 on activities related to capital and asset management and capital use of PVN. Throughout the inspection process, the State Audit Department has detected some violations in the Nghi Son consolidation project management unit (PMU), as well as some organizations, interested parties.

Specifically: when checking the financial information of the debt portfolio of the PVN Parent and the Project Management Unit in 2017, the State Inspection, project management chart and some fish found at the end of 2017 have been found. Payment has been transferred to the Parent's PVN, until 31/12/2013, the balance amounts to € 8,555 million. Dosiers, through the collection of documents and unit explanations, will detect the errors related to the transfer of previous amounts by the State Inspection.

Thus, according to contracts and written agreements between 2010 and 2015, the Project Management Committee is not included in the accounting books, has received annual accounts of interest through the Commercial Military Constitutional Bank contracts (MB) – Thanh Hoa Office and the Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Ocean Bank) – Thanh Hoa Office According to the initial revision of the PVN, the amount of books out of 22.1 million.

According to the State Bank of Vietnam, the value of the book not mentioned is derived from the use of PVN funds, and Nghi Son Oil Refinery Co, SL is due to the performance of service contracts. Term deposits contracts.

Consequently, the Management Committee has signed contracts with expired contracts but does not follow up and account for the bookkeeping time deposits, but interest rates only receive a different rate of interest. , in addition to the accounting books, violates Clause 3, Act 2003/03/03 of 03/17/2003, of 14/03/2003,

"To hide the aforementioned behavior, the PMU agreed to receive a difference in interest, in cash, in order to transfer the difference, to the PMU by Thanh Hoa and Ocean Bank Branch of Thanh Hoa, then transferred to an account called Project Management, they are included in the system of books that are not monitored and reflected, "said State Inspection.

According to PVN, after requesting and requesting the accounting and delivery of PVN, the Project Management Committee and individuals have sent the amount to the PVN account amount VND8,555 million, that is, Mr. Nguyen Khac Hiep, former chief executive officer of the project, helped PVN's VND4 million account directly.

In addition, according to PVN's MB Comparison Report, the Board of Directors did not know a HONDARRIBIC account of 1,626 thousand accounts, 8401100999009, according to the regulations.

The behavior that demonstrates the law violations signals was found through inspection activities at the Nghi Son consolidation project management committee. Since the moment in which these errors occurred, the time has elapsed and the parties sign an agreement and receive and use the difference of interest; This content will allow potential violations on a wider scale and scope, with the participation of the collectives and individuals involved.

For this reason, the State Inspectorate must request police officers. The Ministry of Public Security in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the clarification and management of the case, and the study and management results. The State Inspection has sent proof papers during the inspection process.

The above letter was sent to the National Assembly, the first deputy minister, Truong Hoa Binh, Vice-president of the National Assembly, Phung Quoc Hien; and to the Central Inspection Commission at the same time; Department of Internal Affairs; Judicial Power of the National Assembly; Ministry of Public Safety; The purpose of the highest people.

Phuong Dung

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