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The US president "thanked Vietnam" before flying the plane

On Friday evening, on February 28, the United States President returned home to meet Noi Bai airport, Minister of the Interior and President of the Government, Mai Tien Dung, said Donald Trump: "Vietnam is always a friend of America. I hope you see it again when the Lehendakari visits Vietnam again."

Share with this VnExpressMr. Dung said: "The US president thanked the leaders and the people of Vietnam for welcoming us. It was a very good meeting, both sides at the end of the negotiations."

The president of the United States, at the airport's afternoon at the Ma'am Tien Dung Office Minister, also attended Bui Thanh Son, Hanoi, President Nguyen Duc Chung and Deputy Minister of Public Safety Bui Van Nam.


The President of the Government of the Government, Mai Tien Dung, welcomed President Trump at the airport on the evening of February 28. video: Vo Thanh

Previously, at 14.10 in a press conference, the US president praised Vietnam's economic development. He later explained that the end of the U.S. Trieu Summit ended, and did not achieve the expected results, although the two leaders had a very positive statement this morning.

The lecture was not reached for an agreement because of the dissatisfaction with the penalties. North Korea is ready to dissolve the complex nuclear Yongbyong, but the United States takes it as soon as possible. Trump and consultants are not ready to meet this request.

The US president agreed that "the signing of the agreement is not appropriate." Donald Trump also praised the relationship between Kim Jong-un's personality and his two bosses. 40 minutes after the press conference, President Donald Trump went directly to the Noi Bai airport, returning to America for 40 hours in Vietnam.

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