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Three hours "liver examination" with a positive drug for drug use

Thursday, January 31, 2019 09:46 (GMT + 7)

The controllers use a lot of "tricks" to fight the disciplinary forces controlling the Lao Cai drivers controlling medication.

Three hours and # 34; with a positive drug driver - 1

Many guides use anti-tricks, avoiding inter-disciplinary groups to check alcohol and drug levels in Lao Cai province.

On January 31, the honorary correspondent of the carrier, the retired Colonel Tran Hung, responsible for the Police Department of Lao Cai Trafficking, is a member of the interdisciplinary team to study drug drivers in the Lao Cai province. After 5 days in the Navy, he detected functional forces with 4 positive drug cases and 4 other cases.

The drug testing method, by means of a rapid urine test, has been designed by the interdisciplinary team to use a portable toilet to control height controllers in the car and control the driver's actions in the car, avoid dangers related to urine dilution to produce the wrong test results.

However, according to Colonel Hung, it is still necessary to avoid drivers to avoid having to go to the toilet, the interdisciplinary team has prepared a water filter when the driver's seat waits for him to go to the toilet. sample test

"There are cases that are sitting for three hours to test, they often take advantage of the existing validation and other means of escape, but in the end, before defining the interdisciplinary team, positive drugs must be checked," said Colonel Hung.

In addition, they are also a cause for western drugs that are pioneering drugs, thus giving positive results. In the case of guides, inter-disciplinary teams will be able to make more detailed examinations in cases where there is no loss of traffic.

"Some drivers have immediately detected positive attributes by capturing their friends to try and play at smells," said Colonel Hung.

Also, according to Colonel Hung, the next time, the functional forces of the neighborhoods and cities will guide the driver's drug inspection across the entire province in the province.

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