Friday , February 3 2023

TKV boss: "Quang Ninh Thermo Power coal is enough under contract"


On November 28, Nguyen Hoang Trung, the General Director of the Coal and Minerals Group (TKV) said the team had signed up to 2.6 million tons of pounds between two companies signed by Quang Ninh Thermo Power in 2018, although this plan was signed.

In addition, Vietnam's TKV and Electricity (EVN) have been discussed and allocated 30,000 tonnes in November and 200,000 tonnes in November in December. The coal delivered by Quang Ninh Thermal is estimated to be more than 2.8 million tonnes, higher than the signed contract.

Trung said the Quang Ninh thermal power station is facing a shortage of coal in the absence of coal, "it deflades the machine for the mobilization of electricity".

"Usually 3 units are running, when high is mobilized, they run 4 units and then 2 are reduced. We have a signed contract, greater than the signed plan," said Trung. .

According to this, to ensure the security of the source, in addition to the daily supply of coal, the factory proposed the TKV supply plant to increase inventory. However, in November 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, TKV and North East Corporation, have committed to ensuring sufficient coal, in accordance with the contract signed for thermal energy. However, it does not guarantee the fact that the factory will increase the inventory reserve, the electricity output will increase according to demand .

Additionally, Trung is one of the barriers mentioned above, which is manufactured by Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant, which has signed a long-term contract with TKV to supply coal. "This is why the group does not have the power to balance the long-term demand of the plant, and productivity manages productivity to increase productivity," he said.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Trung - General Director of TKV. Photo: Hoai Thu

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Trung – General Director of TKV. Photo: Hoai Thu

"Since 2010, Vinacomin has signed a long-term contract to supply coal from coal, since the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has not signed agreements on the state of many thermal energy, since 2017 has also evaluated the fact that the investment plan of the manufacturers is difficult," said Trungek

According to Trung, both sides must sign a contract to supply long-term coal to actively supply plants and actively organize TKV production and investment.

Previously, share it with this VnExpressLe Duy Hanh, chairman of the Quang Ninh Stockbroker, Quang Ninh Thermo Power Plant, said in mid-November that the company stopped two of the four electric power stations. Lack of coal production. The suspension of two units was 10 million kWh per day, more than 13 million. Fagor is the first time that it reduces the production of coal.

In 2018, regarding the demand for coal in the country, Nguyen Hoang Trung said that the offer and demand had changed on the previous. Electric power stations take on coal more than 5,4 million tons of 2017.

In addition, many thermal power stations have intensified demand for coal and, at the same time, have grown further in the context of complex weather conditions, Vinacomin has many difficulties in producing production. to mobilize supply, export, processing and supply.

However, the leader group said that for the production of coal for electricity, Vinacomin fulfilled contracts signed with electrical plants. To keep track of the supply of coal to the power plants, TKV will move to the largest inventory level, including 500,000 tonnes of coal and 500,000 tons of coal imports, mixed with consumers. .

2019 is expected to be a high demand for electric coal, more than 38 million tonnes. "The Group intends to produce 39 million tons of raw coal, produce 36 million tons of clean coal, shortage, import TKV to blend with the coal in the country and provide standards for housing," said Trung.

According to Trung, in 2019, due to the demand for coal production of electricity, there are some difficulties based on the mobilization of fluid and coal power plants. Meanwhile, household coal prices are lower than the price of the market and less than the 200,000 tonnes import price per 200,000 tons per 2018. The TKV cost is calculated in 2019 per tonne of VND 1.66 million, almost € 63 million (about 4%), above all, technological standards, fuel prices …

The TKV leaders suggest coal pricing policies that are imported and imported from domestic coal, so the TKV can take initiative to save the import plans from the thermal power station. 2019. "If it is not" fast ", the next month will continue to fall into the current situation," said TKV representative.

Huai Thu