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Trafficking, two men in the streets of Hanoi


Wednesday, 2008/11/28 10:38 (GMT + 7)

After shaking the two motorcycles slowly, after arguing the two men of the car, they went to "martial arts".

On November 28, Hanoi City Police Traffic Police Team (CSGT), when the unit's task force came into effect, resolved the collision. Traffic is anger between two men.

"The land was not damaged by the property, the two men that fought were invited to work, where they proposed an internal reconciliation. After advising on the task, two people will be allowed to write," said the Lieutenant Colonel.

Trafficking, 2 men and # 34; martial arts and # 34; Hanoi - 1

Two men walk in the streets during the rush hours (clip clip cut)

It happened about the incident at 5:00 a.m., half an hour, at the intersection of 6Qa Dan district in O Cho Dua, in the district of Dong Da, in Hanoi. At this time, the number of means of transport is very high.

When traffic becomes Kham Thien Green Street, there is a traffic collision between two motorcycles on the street. Crash did not damage the vehicle, but two car owners participated in an argument.

Without a doubt, suddenly the man of the white shirt (cloth) pierced the black face, wearing a helmet. The argument became a struggle between two people for the interference of people and traffic jam in half an hour.

When White returns the car, it will soon be in charge of a "screwdriver" that is lost enough to open the trunk, so CSGT group 3 is in charge.

After the blow, four more drivers were given four hours to compensate for the "fight".

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