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Trang Tran is shocked by this girl's birthday

Waiting for a three-year-old birthday, Tien Tran reveals his real name Kien Lua.

VIDEO: Trang Tran pregnancy and childbirth.

Recently, Trang Tran prepared his mother's personal cake, fruit and photos, balloons for girls, a 3-year-old birthday, friends and relatives.

Because Trang Tran worked with her job, she could not go back to Vietnam to attend her daughter's birthday party.

The first 3 years of the first child lived a little while on the page - 1

Trang Tran Toothbrush 3-year-old birthday party.

In a warm meal, the real name of Kien Luka was first appeared in Trang Tran. He named his Mai Khoi daughter, the sun is always waiting for the sun. In addition, the ancient model also wrote a poem for his son's birthday, many people touched him.

The first 3 years of the first child, the page has been covered in the last two years.

Trang Trane revealed his real name Khoi.

The first 3 years of the first child, who was currently talking.

Birthday great white dress.

Firefighters do not feel love in special days, Tran Trankin repeats, their husband and children can chat.

In the last 3 years, Kien Fire Trang Tran's motivation is to make every effort to make life and work. Despite the excessive exhaustion, Trang Tran is still trying to find the hope of a steady economy ready for the future of the child.

The girl of the first child of 3 years is offline

Trang Tran with her biological mom and her friends to prepare her cakes, fruit and photos, balloons … to prepare the space full of girls.

The first child of the first child, who was currently speaking.

Mai Khoi casts candles to celebrate the age of 3.

The girl of the first child of 3 years, is afraid of today

Cut Trang Tran's daughter cut a birthday cake.

The 3 year old boy's boy is offline

A daughter named Louis Tran, far from happy.

The third child of the first child, the page that was currently speaking.

The last heat of fire is Trang Tran.

Trang Tran's husband and wife celebrates a 2-year-old birthday party

This is also Kien Lua Baby's birthday, before Father Louis Tran.

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