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Two "love" Viet Huong, the unknown story of Viet Trinh


"Showbiz does not have human tenderness", "the artist rarely has full friendships" … cold expressions let him listen to the hearts of the hearing, confused.

Each story by Story Dam Vinh Hung, Diva Thanh Lam, imitated the style, with the voice, with the help of the older sister … has become one of the stories of two stars technology. head. But the only phrase, unconcerned, honestly Thanh Lam, "Mr. Two deep stones can be drilled together.

Viet Huong, a story about two special love for Viet Trinh - Photo 1.

Thanh Lam and Dam Vinh Hung singers are intimate

Or Phuong Thanh – Mr. Every time damaged, but the collision friends have disappeared. And even at the same stage, those who sing the same songs are still unknown, in order to reconcile friendship like that.

However, in addition to unfortunate stories, genuine craftsmen have more intimate couples than their family members, share a delicious aroma and shine art.

Viet Huong – Hoang Mon: You are sometimes diverted

Form, Viet Huong and Hoang Mon do not match. About the name, Hoang Mon seems to be laxtier than Viet Huong. But the friendship of some of these couples gives friendship to friends who are close to each other.

Little no one knows that Viet Huong's mother was suddenly dead, and then her grandmother died in 100 days, standing before Hoang Moi, to travel to Viet Huong in the United States and Vietnam.

Viet Huong, a story about two special love of Viet Trinh - Photo 2.

Huong and Hoang Mon, bizkaia artist.

When talking about it, Huang grinned: "We're playing together with school theater movies, such as Tiet Cuong, Cao Minh Dat, Thuy Nga … running the show with Huu Nghia money, dozens of Viet Huong lunches, dark coffee. Friendship It was very easy, as the day came up on the throne of Viet Huong, he became one of the best female comedians in the country and abroad, and his name was almost eight … Viet Huong is very impartial and responsible.

According to the name, Viet Huong gave me the movie "My choice", but when I agreed, he accepted the disadvantages, he left many shows, all the hearts to play with you.

The most valuable value is the honest comments, script updates, synchronized technique for improving cinematographic technique or creating a lot of attractive situations … Viet Huong care as much as the spirit of his son. The excitement of Viet Huong was jealous of many people, not being the star of a star like Viet Huong.

"Gay" couple Viet Trinh – Chau Tho

I do not know how to be close together or describe the privacy of the couple as a curiosity for readers with great leadership in the website. In one part, the scriptwriter Chau Tho raised only children all year long, Viet Trinh is also the only mother, so this assembly was real. In particular, he has collaborated with the series of two people's films: Tran Duyen Ceilings, Back 1 – 2, Marry my husband … very successful on the screen.

Viet Huong, the story of the two special love of Viet Trinh - Photo 3.

Actress Trinh and Chau Tho.

On the roads he cohesives to convince the movies. Indeed, his friendship comes from the era of the Breeze, as the Viet Magazine, as a Viet Trinh star. Before the winds of life, Viet Trinh often receives honest journalists' participation.

Trinh, roughly, Trinh has had a direct impact on the scriptwriting film to pull off India and Nepal cinema. Literally and figuratively, it is time to link both in literature and figuratively, but not only cooperate with each other but also collaborate with each other, but also calculate the method of issuing tickets. friendly

As a world producer, Viet Trinh is also known as a director. On the one hand, it has the strength of the script, Viet Trinh makes use of the "acting" of a star, has quickly collaborated and has become a heavyweight opponent of any studio.

Already working on the movie site, they saw their thoughts and actions in each other's interaction. If Viet Trinh describes the impetus given to the set, to release a record in the hotel at Chau Tho, to write a full-length movie. The front, the back guy, generates a whole group of more than 50 people.

As time passed, friendship became more intimate. Both of them went to the extreme west, showing a house in a superior apartment, showing their attachment.

Viet Trinh is very proud to talk about his friendship: "Plain affair is love of art." Two sisters sitting together, they are sitting next to the sublimation feeling. For me, it's like Chau, a friend, even a teacher not only art, but also life. "

Nguyen Van Chung – Vu Quoc Binh: from the junior to the hidden depth of the throne

In the music industry, Nguyen Van Chung-Vu Quoc Binh's friendship is not as mobile as other couples. On his brother's day, Vu Quoc Binh was very successful, for example: I am dreaming about dreaming, forgiveness, Nguyen Van Chung soon succeeded. Certainly, with some songs: Crying the moon, Winter is not cold, Rain the road, Bamboo yoke, Hot wind towel. Two musicians of two different styles, but their adaptation to the arts.

Viet Huong, Viet Trinh's story about two special love - Photo 4.

Vu Quoc Binh musician – Nguyen Van Chung.

Nguyen Van Chung is in love with Vu Quoc Binh and Vu Quoc Binh is in love with Nguyen Van Chung. An old child blends in and mixes the music market, but finds a great idea in the direction directed by the music lovers.

During the confusion Nguyen Van Chung is adapting his style, Vu Quoc Binh is an idea, promoting and promoting genres. Mother's writing style and the way she's doing is very different from others, as they have won in all the music markets. Get the Audience Award and find the name of Nguyen Van Chung. And from this victory, the "couple" decided to make a free live show of the students.

The image of Nguyen Van Chung was next to each performance and the image of Vu Quoc Binh exploded in the background, with the sound of the singer-songwriter, the sound distribution of the light, in accordance with the program's correct frequency of audience, many people face each other.

When talking about the "heroine" of this face, Nguyen Van Chung said: "Binh's understanding about the treatment is fairly straightforward, but it is very useful for young people. Chung, it's strange that a man backstage, junior's condition Be willing to create good ones, such as Vu Quoc Binh, a great Kailejoi, that is, we help improve our lives and flourish art. "

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