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Unexpectedly, boys of the 8th received money from the investment, Nike invited him to cooperate

Monday, January 14, 2019 21:00 (GMT + 7)

This 13-year-old boy has 2 patents and competes with investors.

Carson Kropfl 13-second "cut-off" skateboard products "Mark Kuban, Richard Branson and Robert Herjavec were able to exchange" sharks "for boys.

Unexpectedly, boys of the 8th received money from the investment, invited by Nike to cooperate

Carson Kropfl's "slow" skateboard (Source: Locker Board)

Initially, Carson did not want to do business, but he wanted to solve uncomfortable problems he found on his skateboard. A boy lives with his family in an Orange County, California, coastal city. In it, skateboarding and surfing are exciting. Carson's problem was that his skateboard was too long and he could not get into the school wardrobe.

Initially, he created a mini-board with a length of 35cm, with normal corner corners. However, it makes it quite difficult. Instead, it created a rectangular table 43 cm long to create stability (traditional skates are 83 cm in length).

Initially, Carson only built and used personal Locker Board personal needs. Apart from the passion of his skateboarder, he also enjoyed surfing, the subject that cost a lot of money to study. His parents gave a list of the works they made to earn money for navigation fees. This work created Carson's business motivation.

He was surprised by his friends' skateboarding. For this reason, the use of used skis and mini skis began to sell to their classmates.

Carson sells skis for $ 20 (about 450,000 VND) and soon earned $ 1,000. This is the amount of investment that Carson has bought for the assembly of wheels and hand-made assemblies.

Later, his mother, Carrie, was the manager of the company and created a sales center. In addition, the Carson family also sells products in local markets and retail markets. Sales are not large but fairly stable.

Prior to appearing on Shark Tank's Locke Board development call, he spoke 4 hours ago. His request was quite attractive thanks to the investment of "sharks". In the end, billionaire Richard Branson invested $ 65,000 (about 1.5 million VND) to the 20% Locker Board, and the company's value was $ 325,000 ($ 7,500 million).

Unexpectedly, boys from the 8th received money from the investment, Nike invited him to collaborate - 2

Young boss Carson and billionaire Richard Branson (Source: Locker Board)

Shared by Carson: "I chose a billionaire Richard Branson, a talented businessman and knight of the Queen of England, who reminded him of his first anniversary, a close company."

Shark Tank went to Carson in the air, Carson's website jumped between 5 and 1,500 seconds in a few seconds. The order was erected, so the young man was very happy.

According to statistics, the Locker Board grew by more than 300%. Their products expand on websites, Amazon and local commerce. Soon after, the young owners had 2 patents and 4 marks with their own name.

Branson's investments Carson has recruited a lot of plans. 100% recycled wooden or board skyscrapers are eliminated due to defects. Afterwards, the manufacturer will redesign them, remove the disadvantages and convert Locker Board brands schemes.

Today, the Locker Board offers four types of skis: large-sized outdoor activities of 60 cm (USD3) and 3 types, 43-cm, 116-dollar (2.6 million) and 98 USD (2.2 about millions). For each retail store, Carson offers $ 1 USD to Ocean Unite, the Branson Nonprofit Conservation Organization.

Along with Branson, Nike invited Carson to work on a project and get the baby's approval. However, he could not show detailed information about this plan.

For the moment, Carson has gone to school as any other boy, he has worked at Locker Board and has spent time with surfing enthusiasts. Its purpose is to expand the business, the Locker Board backpack in every American.

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This young and talented boy is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard University.

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