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Vespa Elettrica electric train in Vietnam with price in 2019


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Vespa Elettrica is a modern technology, stylish design, but definitely not VinFast Klara price.

It can be said that the electric motorcycle market is becoming an exciting hybrid motorcycle in Vietnam. Recently, the Honda PCX Hybrid is launching wireless technology. Last but not least, VinFast officially introduced Klara gas station models to merchants.

Vespa Elettrica electric car in Vietnam at the price of 2019 - 1

Vespa Elektrica.

In another international event, the electric Scooter Vespa Elettrica was transformed into Piaggio Vietnam in 2019. Of course, Vespa was a train. the main advantages

Vespa Elettrica electric car in Vietnam in 2019 - 2

Design right.

Vespa Elettrica looks outwards, as Vespa is beautifully designed. So Elektrica can not be confused by the crowd.

Vespa Elettrica electric car in Vietnam in 2019 - 3

Seated sitting

Vespa Elektrica has a 4 kW electric motor (5.4 horsepower), which is much stronger than the 1.2KW electric motor VinFast Klara. With this engine block, Elektrica can travel 100 km per load.

Vespa Elettrica electric train in Vietnam in 2019 - 5

Car clock

The vehicle also has driver identification technologies, which means that driver identification and activation can be started automatically without the key.

Vespa Elettrica electric train in Vietnam in 2019 - 6


The appearance of energy is expected in 2012 to promote the Vietnamese market in motorcycles. This can be a movement for motorcycle manufacturers known, such as Yamaha and Honda, to improve this product line.

Vespa Elektrica electric train to Vietnam with a low price for 2019 - 7

Front of the car

Of course, Vespa Elektrica is expected to be cheaper with a set of $ 7200 ($ 168.6 million). At the same time, Vietnam's tram infrastructure is still limited, so many people who use the environmentally friendly car still remain a bit messy.

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