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Vialli's old cancer is fighting backstage

Vialli, a 54-year-old former wounded, scored 16 goals in 59 Italian shows and today's prestigious television commercials, told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that she hoped for her story. "Inspire the reader." He has won many Vialli players and a short-time coach, along with the Champions League and the Juventus team.

Vialli is struggling with ancient cancer - Figure 1

Vialli (cup kiss) was a great success as Chelsea player and coach AFP

"I'm very good at it, it's been a year ago and I've recovered my body, although I still do not know that this war will end. I always had a sweater inside my shirt, nobody knew. It still seems that everyone knows that" said Vialli.

The former has published the second book, "Objectives, 98 stories + 1, to face the most challenging challenges." "I hope that my story is inspired by readers who are meaningful crossings in their lives," said Vialli. In my opinion, my story is a night-time book, people can read one or two stories before they go to bed or they wake up in the morning. "

"Another important question that arises in my treatment," said Vialli, "this is a phrase written in the middle of the wall:" We are the product of our thoughts. . The key is not the winner, but thinks it as a winner. Life is 10% of what happens with us and 90% of what we face. I hope my story helps others to act properly. "

From Cremona in northern Italy, Vialli began his career in the early 80's with the Cremonese club, winning first-class Italian teams, after winning large Sampdoria and Juventus teams. Vialli spent his professional career at Sampdoria, where he won the first Serie A title, C2 Cup and three Italian Cup.

Vialli is fighting an ancient cancer - Figure 3.

Without a doubt, a feared boy with head over to Vietnam will face cancer AFP

He went to Juventus in 1992 and served in the 4 season of Turin in 1995 with the League Cup and the C1 Champions League next season. Chelsea Premier League.

After winning the FA Cup in 1997 – Chelsea's first major wins after 26 years, Vialli England's managerial team has been coaching and becoming a coach. The player and the main player, Vialli brought the Chelsea Cup C2 League Cup. In that time he became an official coach in 2000. Viallie went on to Blues to win the FA Cup and the English Super Cup. Chelsea broke the team in September 2000 due to contradictions with the band's bands. He directed Watford in 2002 before firing.

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