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Vietnam 8 goals


Tuesday, November 27, 1818 06:36 (GMT + 7)

Vietnam finished the group stage with clear pages. This is "strange" in the AFF Cup history. However, at another angle, Hang Seo Park coach team is at greater risk.

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Clean Net and Park Challenge

Vietnam's AFF Cup was the only team in 2018 after maintaining the team stage. The last four games, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar or Cambodia use hundreds of thousands to achieve the goal of Deng Van Lam.

Viet Nam 8 goals - 0 goals: The White Net class threatens the king - 1

Vietnam Tel (red shirt) remained after the group stage

Of course, it's a great achievement. But at another point, the knockout rounds are kept clean for Vietnam. Next opponents in the semi-finals – The Philippines, the rage for more attacks, achieved the efforts of AFF Cup in the first team of 2018 in Vietnam.

In addition, one of the cup competitions is loaded by players. "Gold stars" can be completely psychologically if you lose the first board. Therefore, the Park Hang Seo coach needs to prepare a good psychology for the students, and it cleans it aside from clean cleaning. If not, the effect of domino-style dust will allow your phone to embrace Vietnam.

White threatens the king

This concern is not excessive, in fact, Vietnam tel. That is, the Tiger Cup 2000 – AFF Cup pioneer today after the white stages of the team of Tel Viet Nam coach Alfred Riedl. In the 18-year championship, Vietnam won 0-0, Cambodia won 6-0, defeated 1-0 in Singapore and defeated Laos 5-0 and team was B.

Viet Nam 8 goals - 0 goals: The White Net class threatened the king - 2

Vietnam Tel (red T-shirt) embracing white hat hate

Tel Viet Nam has to find Indonesia – a group that has only won after winning the last round in Myanmar. At that time, the experts had "The Golden Stars" opponents.

But about the results? Gendut Doni Christiawan took the ball in the minute 39, Matheus Nurdiantara in the minute 75 minutes before, Gendut Doni Christiawan won the only goal in the 120th minute. To lose Indonesia, Vietnam lost Malaysia 0. -3 third match.

And the lesson on the clean sheets of the AFF Cup does not only fail in Vietnam. The AFF Cup in 2004 showed the strength of Indonesia's destruction with 17 goals and 0 goals scored, a group A passed. The Uharteko team won the finals, but lost 2-5 of Singapore rug after two passes. and about.

Even though "Thailand" fell into a white grid, but not a champion. This is the 2008 AFF Cup. This team scored 11 goals, scored 0 goals and stayed in Vietnam. But when both teams revive the semifinals, Vietnam won the Le Cong Vinh goalscorer and won 3-2.

How Vietnam responds to the Philippine European rock?

AFF Cup 2010 Vietnam won 0-2 in the Philippines, AFF Cup 2014 Vietnam won 3-1 in the Philippines.

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