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Violence detected PKI 2018 index: Vietnam "dropped" class

This year, Vietnam earned 33/100 points in the 117/180 global ranking, 2 points down slightly compared to 2017. Vietnam's 2018 CPI score is calculated based on 8 national surveys data sources. independent

Statistically, this reduction is inadequate. However, considering the scale of 0-100 KPIs, 0 is very damaged and 100 is very clear, the corruption in the public sector in Vietnam is very serious. Vietnam has the same restrictions on Asia and the Pacific region as China, Maldives and Bangladesh.

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Before, in 2017, Vietnam earned 35/100 points in the journal 107/180. Thus, before one year, Vietnam has dropped ten degrees and suspects that the periphery of corruption in 180 countries in most countries in the world has become 117 countries and suspects it has been suspected 2 years ago.


Vietnam shows downgrade signals (Source: Transparency International 2018)

In recent years, the Vietnam States and States have made a great effort to promote corruption, due to corruption cases and a legal framework against corruption. (In November 2018, the National Assembly passed the new Anti-Corruption Law).

However, corruption is still a painful problem in Vietnam. It takes time to change the situation and change it. In order to build a culture of corruption against Vietnam, efforts must be made to address rigorously and properly in cases of corruption and to be promoted. the next Combining effective anti-corruption measures, such as strengthening the integrity of the public sector, effectively and effectively recognizing and publicizing the assets and income of civil servants and public employees.

What solution helps reduce corruption in Vietnam?

The Transparent Organ (TT) has given many recommendations and solutions to reduce the current corruption problem.

In the first place, regarding the State, it is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the judicial authority of the National Assembly and judicial autonomy. In addition, anti-corruption efforts should be promoted, by massacre and corruption (police, public health and public education).


In Vietnam, with 67% of surveys with public health services, 5 out of 5 people will never bribe, 59%. (Source: Global Corruption Barometer 2017)

Next, the dissemination of the civil society space in order to establish and strengthen effective participation, decision making and control of people, newspapers and state social organizations. Supervision of state management activities.

At the same time, creating a legal basis for the suppository corruption protection to promote people's and communities' participation in corruption.

In terms of business, corruption threatens companies' fair threat of competitiveness. For this reason, companies must actively participate in antibodies, build a sincere business environment for sustainable development, improve their reputation and enhance competitive advantage in the context of international economic integration.

Strengthen internal corruption, especially in national companies, for the construction, implementation and dissemination of anti-corruption programs against companies, based on international standards.

At the press conference, social organizations and people, there is a need to participate actively in the work of contradictions, promoting transparency, integrity and responsibility initiatives.

In addition, to actively integrate the integrity, cases of corruption and bribery have been reported at different levels, first of all to provide legal knowledge and information, including anti-corruption laws.

It is necessary to build and strengthen effective organizations, related to social responsibility and participation.


Indirect Corruption Correlation Index CPI 2018: Vietnam

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