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Vu "Aluminum" cases involve many local officials


Wednesday, 11/28/2008 8:30 PM (GMT + 7)

Da Nang Party Secretary Truong Quang Nghia said "Vu" participated in many local aluminum officials and police officers.

On the afternoon of November 27, Da Nang's delegations met with the electorates of the district Ngu Hanh Son in the fourteenth. At the congress

Speaking at the conference, the voters of Phan Lo (My An Ward) expressed concern about the illegal handling legislation adopted in accordance with the Legislative Law of the State.

Wu & # 34; aluminum case & # 34; Many local officials participate - 1

Many Ngu Hanh Son are concerned about the recovery of active corruption, including Vu "aluminum". Picture: TAN VIET

Speaking to the media, voters Phan Van Chi questioned Da Nang measures to recover ownership of Vu "aluminum" (Phan Van Anh Vu).

The voter The use of defensive areas in Da Nang has also had an impact on non-efficient investment projects.

Truong Quang Nghia, secretary of the Secretary of the Board of Da Nang, said LAC changed its law for the first time, adding that the property had risen for the first time due to tax revenue. it must be convertible assets.

"Being then a broken asset, of course, has to be seized and prosecuted by a person with a sensible property. But luckily, the concept is quite common in other countries. Congress did not want to delay LAC adoption as a result of unconfirmed content," said Nghiak .

Mrs. Nghia also said that corruption was not prohibited. The political trial has been detained for the first time, along with 13 members of the Central Committee.

Wu & # 34; aluminum case & # 34; Many local officials are involved - 2

Da Nang's party secretary Truong Quang Nghia. Picture: TAN VIET

In terms of "aluminum" Vu and cases have been and trial, Mrs. Nghia confirmed that Da Nang was very active in this case.

"The ownership of the blockade Vu" with aluminum "but the name of others, money in banks … is a very complex fight. Danang has informed the Government and has been led by the Prime Minister, so we can do so. Even Danang Banks have asked to block the related issues. Vu" aluminum "is not easy, because Danang does not have the power. But recently we have done well, the property has been managed, "- said Nghia.

Da Nang's secretary also informs Vu that "aluminum" cases will involve many local and police officers. Especially on the ground, using Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city properties.

In defense of land, Mr. Nghia has said that Da Nang is a large military base, so it is also a defense territory. And if the Ministry of Defense does not cooperate, Da Nang can not be present.

"The Ministry of Defense works with the Government to review its defense, to strictly manage the situation and provide a clear vision for land use for the defense of economic development," said Mrs. Nghia.

As regards investment projects, the Danang Secretary of State said that the Public Investment Act, which is effective for 2015, is to curb shortcomings in investment projects, prevent the spread of investment, "absorb" investments.

"Many such as the test does not see the leader but only a few percent of a project to buy, very cheap. Many completed projects do not know what to do, such as one of those deceased living projects," said Nghia.


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