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What is the other horn?


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Rosewood and sandstone feature different characteristics to distinguish the outer appearance.

The young bird is a bird's flesh: another horn is sand? - 1

Tuane made the birds in the rows.

In the case of a man hired as a rare bird of rare roots, the mangrove community "worries", said Mang Van Thoi, director of the FPD of the Tay Ninh Province. Learn and start information.

As a result, he published photos on Tuan Facebook, currently living in Cu Chi District (HCMC). This exchange confirmed the publication of the top photographs, but confirmed that birds only take photos on Facebook, do not buy or eat flesh.

Mr Tuan said that he should go to the beach in the village of Suoi Ngo, in the Tan Chau district, in the Tay Ninh province, where people should see the peculiar bird of 120,000. Later, Mr. Tuan took a snapshot instead of buying it, "said Mang Van Thoy, the director of the FPD of the province of Tay Ninh told Mr. Tuan.

The young bird is a bird's flesh: another horn is sand? - 2

A realistic pink photo. (Photo: Infonet)

However, Mr. Thoi has said that Mr. Tuan sold poultry, that the FPD of the Tay Ninh Province did not buy birds. For this reason, in order to verify this incident, the district court and investigation of the district of Cuuan district of Cu Chi is required.

"But there is a great chance that the poultry meat in the Basque Country appears in Annex II, which is a trade regulated Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), with more than 150 million worth of transactions in the criminal proceedings and 50 million and 300 million They will be exchanged for them. In the meantime, roses are rare and protected priorities, just buy it, it's a criminal, "he said.

When the reason for the sand's bird was high, he said: a large horn, standing at 1m, while the sole wing of the image was about 45cm. In addition, the emperor weighs up to 4 kilograms, the sand is only 1.5 kg (Mr. Tuan, only about 0.5 kilograms of its birds in the photo).

The young bird is a bird's flesh: another horn is sand? - 3

Realistic photo bird sand. (Photo: Nha Trang Tourism)

Next notice a yellow pink petal, in this case has lighter birds. In addition, the abdomen has black cloths, usually from the whitish white white to white stone.

"If there is a ring, nobody will do that, selling it on the market with the ivory value," said Director of the Department of Defense of the Provincial Council Tay Ninh.

Likewise, Le Van Tanh, Director of the FPD, Binh Phuoc, said that this bird was.

"Among them, there are many species, including phoenixes, the so-called big pinks (antique size), the dark dark beak, and in a small photo, the size of the chicken and the pale yellow, I think, is the sand of the Rosary family, but it's just an image , but it is necessary to evaluate reality, "said Tanh.

The man killed two strange roses

A man has shown two red roses meat, three times more valuable.

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