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Win Real, Barca set an unprecedented record

Barcelona wrote about the history of Spanish football. The Catalunyan won away 3-0 in Real Madrid, in the semi-finals of King of Cup. Winner Luis Suarez. If he won second, after winning both games, Barca team has never done anything in the country: the Finalist of the Royal Cup for six seasons.

Barca's 30 cup championship champion will give its quarterfinals on 25 May in Real Betis and Valencia.

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Stay on the next race Benito Villamarin in the yard of Seville, Catalans can win another brand. Barca won the first round of the Spanish Cup five times in the Spanish Cup after winning the championship in the last four seasons.

He is currently sharing the 4 Championship in Barcelona with Real Madrid (1905 – 1908) and Athletic Bilbao (1930 – 1933). He lost his last season in 2014 when Real Madrid had to win 2-1.

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