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XSMB 28/2 – The results of the North Lottery today 28/2

Apply for the live lottery 2013/2/28 – The result of the North Lottery results today, Thursday, 28/2/2019, quickly and accurately here:

Results for the Northern Lottery – Live KQXMB (Traditional lottery – Lottery – Lottery capital – XSKT – KQXSMB – XSMB – XSKTMB – SXMB – XSHN – XSTD): live notification The results of the North Lottery today Super fast, super accurate Vietnam studio studs 18h15 daily.

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Results of the Northern Lottery (XSMB February 27th) Awarded on February 27, 2019 at 18:15. The result of the MBMB fourth basket was shot on Bac Ninh on 27/27/2013.

Awarded prizes for the award of the 27th of February of 2019, special prizes, which amount to 1,900 million VND awards, number 89968. Delta: 9LM – 15LM – 6LM winning symbols. On the other hand, VND 10,000,000 first prizes were awarded to customers of the same number 75866. The 30,000 second prize for the 5,000,000 VNDs came from 57039 and 79159.

Review North Lottery Results yesterday 27/2.

Prize structure

February 2016: North Vietnam Post Delta 1 million change the structure of the XSMB Prize, the 5 lottery ticket included with the NE prize and the winner of the Delta Award (totaling 15 different codes) will earn 1 codified code with 1 VND of 1 million prizes. The remaining 12 non-identical entries will win the VND 50 million side prize. Other names are traditional lotteries (XSTT), lottery capital (XSTD) or Hanoi lottery (XSHN), a card of 10,000 cards.

There are 81,150 rewards (27 trips were 27). In addition, the number 2 of the final number of the Delta number 2 received the Promotion Prize, which is worth 40,000 VND.

Note: The prize-winners will be the winners of all the prizes awarded.

Introduce XSMB

The traditional lottery is the first type of lottery released in 1962 and has remained until now. This type of lottery goes ahead of pre-printed prices, numbers and letters for buyers. In particular, determining the results of the winners after obtaining the lottery tickets.

Today, our country has won eight awards for the eighth prize, thanks to the special award, the special side and the consolation prize. Knowing how to play Lottery will be divided into two categories, North Lotus 1-2-3 and Lottery.

Northern numerical lottery machine is a type of lottery selected, allowing each player to select a number of prizes, including 3 sets of numbers: the 1st set is 1 to 10; The second numbers are numbers 2 to 2, from 00 to 99, and group 3 are numbers 3 and 3, from 000 to 999. The Lottery prize is $ 1 million, winning 3 wins. The card purchased at the number will cost 100,000 times.

Contrasting with North Lottery, lottery players have the right to choose their favorite numbers to participate in the awards and ask the seller to enter the lottery ticket. The value of 2-digit and 3-digit link values ​​is 5000 VND, 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND and 50,000 VND respectively.

XSMB All weekend open prizes.

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