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10 Bizarre Elf Fan theories

Elf, A beloved comedy by Will Ferrell as a human being raised in North Pole that walks to New York, this year as his father's birthday celebrated as a North Pole. If you're like a lot of holiday movie enthusiasts, you've probably seen it over the decades of the movie, if it's not hundreds of times. This means that you spend a lot of time on selecting all the details of the movie, which means that it is also in line with the Internet. Put all together and Elf He has spent a lot of time in the theory of fan theory.

So when we review this classic Christmas on the 15th anniversary, we are looking at some curious, intriguing, funny and plain strokes. Elf Buddy the Elf's fan theory that covers all of the secret secrets of the movie.

1. Buddy is really a Creep.

A lot of people around the whole movie Buddy is a way to see his innocence and the world of his human being, wonder and excitement. But according to one theory, everyone is more powerful. Maybe, in most cases Elf The fan theory of all time, Reddit is a fact to hide his loyal tendencies due to the innocence of Batfan54 by Buddy. Nowadays, Buddy goes to the women's locker room where Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) is dancing in "Baby It's Cold Outside". Buddy joins, and then escapes escaping. When Jovie later faces Buddy, "I did not know when you were naked," he said, and his innocent attitude seems to have won Jovie. Buddy clearly knows what a shower is, even if we have seen a North American film before the North Pole. So why did Jovie suddenly play Naked? According to this theory, he did not move, he tried to get out of trouble first. Sorry you, Buddy.

2. Buddy Secret Mutant Elf is Operative.

While fantasy theories focus on social interaction with Buddy's human world, others analyze their physical attributes. Buddy is a man, but he has spent a lot of superhuman appearance in the world of elf over 40 minutes per night, and his diet sweets, sweets, sweets, corn and syrup. Throw his machine with snowballs in the speed of guns and his often unusual physical resilience, and something is not added. According to Tibbsy, Buddy is a mutant created for a specific purpose sent to the Earth, to open Christmas animation and save Santa Claus (Ed Asner) to lose all of its believers. Of course, he does not know that, he thinks he is a man, but a secret was the drawing of the elves.

3. Elf is a preacher Step Brothers.

There are few theories that hate trying Elf Other films, specifically, other films by Will Ferrell. After a few years, he was watching a blogger named Trent called Barstool Sports Elf As a part of the Christmas tradition, he had a strange thought: Buddy's stepmother, Mary Steenburgen, Brennan's mother, is the character of Will Ferrell's 2008 comedy Step Brothers. A profound study reveals that Buddy and Brennan's characters are in common, because of the difficulty they face with the outside world from animal lovers. So if Steenburgen plays the same person of both of them and then Elf He took Buddy on his own, changed his name and married again? It's a stretch, but Ferrell's weakness is based on loving loving men and women, so once you see it, it's a bit shaken.

4. Buddy is a hybrid creature.

Here is another theory designed to explain the behavior of strangers' behavior in Buddy, such as dieting their sweets, short sleeping schedule and snowballing and trips (remember, without getting into the North Pole without breaking into New York). Budby is the son of a late child of Walter Hobbs (James Caan) and Susan Wells, but what about Buddy's ancestor? What if Christmas Eagles went to the human world and somehow started the growth of the human population, if it is only in a very limited way? Then they can create some hybrid human elves with elf-like features. If Buddy is a product of this genetic line, it can explain a lot.

5. Miles Finch is an artist.

Keyboard Subset Elf Walter and his publishing companies want to point out that Gabon Eve is trying to unite a series of new children to decorate their boss. At the point of the film, writer writers (Andy Richter and Kyle Gass) write the "Golden Ghost" writer Miles Finch (Peter Dinklage). Finch arrives and, after a good cash advance, Buddy is not a small human being, but due to an elf. Finch tells the notebook of ideas, and Walter and the company use to play a pitch.

Of course, we have never seen the pitch seen, and Walter leaves the company to complete his own publishing team, so it has not been successful. According to Ren a theory, was never a success, because they did not keep good ideas in Finney's notebook. She was a red witch, she was left behind, so she could pocket her in cash and without doing any real work without leaving her.

6 Elf Prechela da da LEGO movie.

Other links attempt Elf As far as Will Ferrell's performance is concerned, the movie is really prequel LEGO movie, Ferrell makes his "Lord Business" evil character LEGO makes voices and makes father LEGO sets up in the basement and connects with them forever and is the disappointment of his young son.

According to Littleblue42, step into the father LEGO movie He has been a Buddy, who is currently losing his Christmas spirit in the years of life in the adult parents and editors world. In order to become a sense of order and consciousness, LEGO groups (toys are still clad) and frustrates when their son is trying to play with them. In addition to being a father with his LEGO, Buddy imagines recovering his old Christmas spirit. Is it a stretch? Maybe But you will think LEGO movie It's different the next time you see it.

7. Buddy crashed Santa's sledges.

    This theory focuses more on the functioning of the cinema than with other media, and it is truly a brilliant interpretation of the order of the events of the film. Started at the beginning Elf The poison of Santa is only used in the Christmas spirit, but at the time of believing that there is less people in Santa Claus, the poison is being handled by Pope Elf (Bob Newhart). During the last days of the Festival, the pastures are crashing into the Central Park, and Santa Claus-O-Meter has failed before zero. Why did that happen? Well, according to a theory, as he did the first time as an elf at a Gimbel store shop, Buddy named Santa's duty (Artie Lange) was fake and her beard was cut short, scared by the children's team. see "Santa." To this end, Buddy broke the image of Santa for several dozen children, and the Christmas spirit diminished to make Santa's sleigh defeat. Of course, he did not want to do that, but he still had an impact.

    8. Buddy was the last person in the Christmas spirit.

      There is another, weaker theory why Santa's sleigh fell on Christmas Eve, and Buddy's emotional journey must be made. Throughout the film, Buddy contributes to the world of humanity, and most people win their honesty, kindness and enthusiasm. When all of this is put before Walter, when Buddy damages an important presentation, and Walter "Find out my life, now!", Buddy sends them out of the streets. To say goodbye to a friend, Buddy leaves and only walks on Manhattan when he sees the sky floating on Santa's ground. According to Freakazette's theory, two events are closely linked. Buddy, in this version of the events, was the only person left on earth with the Christmas spirit. When he was pushed by the father, he left the spirit, and Claus-O-Meter did not fall for it. It's like a stretch Nobody He left any Christmas spirit on earth, but maybe Buddy was the strongest and at that moment darkened. In any case, it is darker in the movie.

      9. Buddy's Mom died at Central Park.

        Buddy's mother, Susan Wells, is set to death at the time of her adoption. What we do not know is how he actually died, but AustinJacob replied. On the last day of the film, we enter the Central Park Rangers, an elite police force waiting for the Santa Way. According to the news, Rangers are still investigating their "controversial" tactics for controlling the 1985 Simon and Garfunkel concert. Now, the concert of Simon and Garfunkel took place in Central Park in 1981, but aside from this discrepancy, why would Rangers still have this investigation? Could people control someone because it killed them? Maybe it's a Buddy's mother? The film, of course, does not make an explanation about it, but it's an interesting idea that goes beyond the threatening Aura of the Rangers.

        10. It is part of a wider universe of Santa.

        Elf In the cinema room, he spends a bit of time on his rules and traditions in his Christmas cinema in the small universe, but what will happen to this story of this film? What will happen to Santa Claus' long and long tradition, and Buddy the Elf story is just a small part. This is the theory directed by AdamGreenwood1072, which has set a complex story story that connects Leslie Nielsen comedy. Santa Nor to Ernest Saves Christmas, Miracle in 34th Street, Santa clause, yes, Elf. According to this theory, each of these films is different from Santa's version, many years ago, men have been working for years. in ElfBuddy has been found in the orphanage, confused and tired Santa Nor but the version of the character adult Buddy is really interacting Santa clause Santa's version, according to what Santa's clothing changes. Buddy does not realize why, to him, Santa Claus is the only one, but if you believe in that theory, there are nodes under the guard guard in the North Pole.

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