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2020 charges Kia Soul EV on Mass's Battery

The next intense trunk in the next generation has improved electricity.

Next-generation Kia Soul EV will host the world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018. One of the most compact crosses of the compact of the city is an appeal for renewal and renewal. The vehicle will be supplied by generations, liquid polymer lithium-ion polymer, 64 kWh battery. This is the opposite of Kia Niro EV, which estimates 301 miles (25,000 WLTP) per mile or 260 miles per mile.

Today's Soul EV, with its 30 kWh battery, is 111 million EPA, which is 2020 Soul EV, along with 64 kWh On the board, it will close Per 240 kilometers charge, Moreover. Unfortunately, according to Kia, the offer will be limited in the United States, so availability will be a problem.

2020 Kia Soul is preparing to develop an EV 201 horse electric motor supplying 291 lb-ft of torque. However, the new battery is being tested, to verify the exact specification of the EPA. The results are expected from 2019 and will be announced later.

The most useful and award-winning compact vehicle is the best intersection of today's intense crossings. It is a person who buys the cars that you can buy and the buyer. In this way, Kia can be a younger, more optimal and better advantage in EV adoption.

One of the most exciting features of the new EV Soul is the new state of polymeric liquid lithium crystals. According to Kia, owners will have less need of charging every day and the DC-compatible DC-compatible charging as a standard, the charges must be short, so the fun of the road trip continues.

2020 Kia Soul EV has four drive modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Eco +, which automatically regulates the output power of the traction motor, regeneration braking, air conditioning and heating settings and speed limits for operational efficiency. driving conditions Additionally, intelligent regeneration through paddle shifters is also available. This will help the driver to slow down the motor's electric motors, allowing a less wear of the brake hose and recovering kinetic energy, adding an additional range. Three levels of braking regeneration will be offered, in order to smooth the smoothness and personal preferences, improving enjoyment and efficiency.

However, one of the most interesting features of the 2020 Kia Soul EV axis is the Smart Eco Pedal guide with the tool cluster. In a nutshell, the system maintains a driver that uses real-time bicyclist relying on the pedal entry. At the same time, each driver can adjust their driving habits, allowing a wider range of energy consumption and improved consumption, and ultimately ecological and cheaper motorization. For a great list of security features, "Kia Drive Wise" is called Driver-Assistance Advanced Systems, the driver and passengers may have a security drive.

In short, the 2020 Kia Soul technology is more available, with advanced driver support systems, increased burden space and more sensations behind the wheel.

2020 Kia Soul EV

2020 Soul EV

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Ready to press the blast down from Kia:

Super Cool and Electric Too

• Next-generation popular runabout is once again available with the battery
• Works with liquid polymers of 64 kWh lithium polymer
• Combined charging system (CCS) Fast DC charging is standard equipment1
• 201 horsepower electric motor 291 lb.-ft. momentua

LOS ANGELES, November 28, 2018 – Today, Kia Motors America (KMA), 2020 Soul, a new version of Kia's dear, award-winning and unusual compact vehicle availability. Along with this world-wide debut, Soul EV's electric electron and batteries were also expanded. Aspiring, fun and enjoyable, Soul EV allows fans of souls to steer without stopping gas.

Much better battery

The New EV evokes a newly charged Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Polymer Liquid 64-kWh ion, and the combined charging system (CCS) as the fast-charging DC standard equipment, the battery filling must be short, so the road The fun of the trip can continue happily after only a short while.

A new battery is being tested to verify the specific EPA specification. The results are expected from 2019 and will be announced later.

Driving Dynamics – The Soul EV Is More Fun Ever!

Soul EV has always offered rugs with a magical rug, silent, with a sting that looks strenuous. Now, 201 horsepower and 291 lb.-ft. Moment (210 lb.-ft. outbound model), the drivers will feel like a virtual Aladdin. Driving dynamics have also improved a lot, in addition to the independent rear suspension. The new Soul EV provides drivers with tools to customize driving experience and battery, including:

• Four modes of drive – Eco, Comfort, Sport and Eco + – Automatically regulating the power traction engine, regeneration braking, air conditioning and heating settings and speed limitations for managing driving efficiency efficiently.
• Innovative innovative regeneration, operated by Paddle shifters, allows the driver to slow the car's drive and capture the kinetic energy by adding it. Four-king brake braking levels (from 0 to 3) choose according to polishing, enjoyment and driving efficiency
• The Brake and Hold System functionality allows you to change the regulation lever to make the car stop overwhelming
• Smart Regen system adapts the recovery brake level to detect a vehicle in the Soul EV system and create a smoother coastal route, especially when steep roads descend
• Smart Eco Pedal's manual tool cluster is a real-life bicycle pedal-based battery that is based on the real-time battery.

Technology Very well equipped vehicle

Soul EV has a long list of new features to improve security, improve driving experience and facilitate operation and ownership. Kia engineers and designers have all thought about it. All Soul EVs feature a "Kia Drive Wise" Driver-Assistance System and feature a comprehensive list of standard equipment and optional equipment. The following are highlighted below.
• Change the high-tech rotary (wire change)
• 10.25-inch rear touch screen monitor with color touch screen and parking orientation
• Closes a 6-speaker audio system (AM / FM / SiriusXM) via USB
• Steering wheel mounted audio controls
• Apple CarPlayx and Android Autoxi
• Bluetooth wireless LAN connectivity with voice recognition
• 7 airbagsxiii (double front double-sided air, front double seats, side airbags, side curtain airbags, rollover sensors, driver's side knee air bag)
• Vehicle Safety Systems
◦ Antilock brakes
◦ Traction control
◦ Electronic Stability Control
◦ Hill-start help control
◦ Tire pressure monitoring system
◦ Pedestrian warning system
• "Kia Drive Wise" Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) xv
◦ Prevention strike warning (FCW)
◦ Aid for anticipated collapse (FCA)
◦ Outbound Lane Warning (LDW)
◦ Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)
◦ Controller's attention note (DAW) xvi
◦ Stop & Go wheel intelligent control
◦ Blind Spot Collision Warning (BSW) (available)
Cross Cruise Traffic Warning (available)
◦ Parking Distance Warning – Reverse Only (available)
New Soul EV is a renewed telematic television, and its owners control and control a long list of vehicle operations, including:
• Notifications about battery and charging status
• Update in real time loading station
• Charged schedule
• Panic notifications – the vehicle will send a notification to the server if the panic alarm is started and if the system 911 sets emergency services, the position of the car will be made via GPS and the live microphone will open for emergency personnel to communicate with vehicle occupants.
• "Send2Car" points of interest (POI) and waypoints – owners can route the route to send waypoints and the vehicle navigation system.

A whole bunch of Korean and One Soul

Built in the Korean Gwangju plant, Soul EV will be on sale next year. Pricing will be notified when the sales date is closer. The buyer can choose two cut, Soul EV and Soul EV collectors. With the help of its sturdy sound, the Designer Collection model achieves Soul EV's goodies, plus many more, among others:
• Two shades of paint: Gravity Gray Platinum Gold Roof; Cherry Black With Inferno Red Roof; and Neptune Blue, the Cherry Black Roof
• Heat-folding power glow black, mirror adjustable distance mirror signal
• Harman / Kardonxviii 10 premium audio speakers with an external amplifier
• Cordless phone chargerxix
• Leather steering wheel
• The seats are heated by Sofino® with no seat seats
• Automatically illuminate the back mirror

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