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4 months after the bombing in the capital

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – A powerful explosion killed at least four people in Somalia, the police said. An extreme Islamic group claimed the purpose of Mogadishu hotel, but the police said the militants wanted to kill the judge to detonate a bomb.

A military car forced a bomb to form a court of resolutions near Judge Abshir Omar's courtroom and forced to stop the security forces stuck outside the court house, police Mohamed Hussein said.

Eight more were injured in attacks, Hussein told The Associated Press.

The two witnesses said they had torn part of Omar's roof. The witnesses of Ahmed Mohamed and residents of Fatima Nur, after the explosion, began firing and smoking.

Al-Shabab, due to the gruesome Islamic group of African extremists, took on the attack. A group of Al Qaeda states that Maka is a hotel in Almukarramah, not a forensic house.

Another testimonial, Sabir Abdi, said that the hotel caused serious damage and that many people were injured.

There were dozens of cars on the Maka Almukarramah road, located in a busy place in Mogadishu, restaurants and hotels.

Al-Shabab has led Maka Almukarramah to death in the past, in March, at least 18 people were killed.

The militant group that opposes the Somali federal government intends to impose the Sharia law in Somalia and other regions in Somali and Kenyan districts.

Al-Shabab said the hotel and the complex shopping attack in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, killed 21 people in January.


Rodney Muhumuza Kampala, Uganda.

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