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4 Those who are missing out on the Ebola disease clinic

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) – The four-Kong Ebola patients have been in jail for four days after being attacked by a non-Frontier Medical Officer, the Congo Ministry of Health said Thursday.

Unknown unknown smokers on tents and other equipment on Wednesday at the eastern city of Butembo's treatment center. Assailants also went to the east of the Congo in the Congo clinic Doctors without Medicine Katwa, one person killed and one injured, according to the ministry and medical support group.

With recent violence, the community will strive to stop the onset of the 10th Ebola in the country. Eastern Congo health workers have struggled to gain trust in their neighbors to control the rich minerals that the armed groups have threatened.

The Ministry of Health has said that 38 people were being evaluated in Ebola cases, which escaped on Wednesday, and eight of the 12 confirmed patients had their bed in bed. Patients who had been vaccinated were transferred to another temporary treatment center.

The authorities confirmed that Ebola confirmed that four patients are highly infectious, the ministry said.

The humanitarian body Mercy Corps has a North Kivuko workers in the Congo in the prevention and control of infections. The Congo director, Jean-Philippe Marcoux, called the "abhorrent" attacks on the final clinic, but believes that "it would be easy to blame community insecurity and violence.

"Instead, we need to look at how the EU's Eastern EU response has been managed," said Marcoux. "Building community recognition and trust is not as equal as treatment, and we continue to see the effects: rising suspicions and increasing numbers of cases."

The occurrence of Ebola in August was the second largest city in West Africa, with more than 11,300 people killed in 2014-2016 years.

As of August, the province of North Kivu has named 879 cases, of which 814 have been confirmed, 488 people confirmed Ebola death.

According to the World Health Organization, a daily update said that people with high fertility were "a high proportion" of those who died in the community, preventing people with deadly disease from avoiding healthy clinics. U.N. The health agency also acknowledged that a small number of new cases were previously known to the authorities, and officials could not spread the Ebola.

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