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A1c tests in many cases of diabetes – ScienceDaily

Using the blood test of hemoglobin A1c is underestimated the prevalence of diabetic illness according to a new study presented at the ENDO 2019 annual Saturday of the Association of La Orleans.

"According to our findings, A1c should not only be used to determine the prevalence of diabetes," said María Mercedes Chang, senior researcher of Villacreses, Duarte (California), Diaper and Metabolism Research Institute. to get more precision with the oral glucose test ".

The A1c hemoglobin shows the average level of blood sugar in the last two or three months. Those with diabetes usually have this test to find out if blood sugar levels are within range of targets. This test is also used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It is often used to diagnose diabetes, because there is no need for vomiting or preparation.

A glucose tolerance test, also known as oral glucose tolerance test, measures the body's sugar (glucose) response. In this test, a person's blood is taken after a quick night, and after about two hours they drink drink sugar. Glucose tolerance tests can be used to study type 2 diabetes.

The new study included 9,000 adults without diagnosed diabetes. Participants have obtained a A1c test and oral tolerance glucose test and compare researchers with results. According to the A1c test, it is not caught by 73 percent of diabetes cases detected in the oral glucose test. "A1c testing has said people did not have normal glucose," said Chang Villacreses.

The researchers have also had a significant impact on race and ethnicity in A1c's accuracy. It is more likely that black whites or white Hispanics are not white to detect abnormal glucose.

"Our results indicate that the prevalence of diabetes and the tolerance of normal glucose only is defined by A1c," said Chang Villacreses, "with a significant decrease in the prevalence of diabetes and the tolerance of normal glucose.

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