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Air India pilots have resigned from the airline

Air India is looking for new airlines to take over a part of the airline. However, it does not appear that most of the carriers ’pilots are interested in the offer, as for now, there are two union pilots opposed to the move. These unions have called for their members to withdraw from the consortium of workers who bid for the airline. The deadline for submitting declarations of interest is December 14th.

Air India 787
Some Air India employees want to invest in the airline, and the two pilot unions oppose the idea. Photo: Getty Images

Pilot opposition to airline investment

It seems that Air India employees are divided in their participation in the national carrier’s divestment process. According to the Telegraph India, a section of the staff, led by the senior management of Air India, plans to tender the maharaja. Meanwhile, the two pilot unions have jointly spoken out against the move due to some unresolved issues.

The Indian Pilots Trade Association (IPCA) and the Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG) are the two groups that are asking both members to stay out of the bidding process to acquire 51% of the company. On the investment side, Air India’s Commercial Director, Meenakshi Malik, has asked airline employees to submit documents and make contributions of 100,000 euros ($ 1,355) to get 51% of the company

Air India 777
Air India has struggled economically in recent times, largely due to the rise in budget companies in the Indian air travel sector. Photo: Kentaro Iemoto via Wikimedia Commons

The pilots’ unions are opposed to the move, and have ordered members to reject Malik’s letter until a resolution is passed on wage cuts and a 25% delay (delayed salary). The pilots’ union obtained a letter from the Telegraph India to its members:

“All pilots are advised not to acknowledge or participate in the process initiated by management officials until they have incurred a disproportionate salary of 70% of Air India’s senior management officials … Until the 14th deadline for submitting bids for Air India “

Offer to acquire a portion of Air India

The Telegraph also obtained a copy of the initial letter requesting employee investment from the airline’s Commercial Director. It says:

“The ownership of the company is what we are bidding for, so we are negotiating with our financial partner to collectively own and control the employee management consortium. [the majority] our airline … To get that 51% of the airline … each of us will have to contribute 1,00,000 euros to the company’s tender … Until stage 1 (EOI stage) is passed, there is no money that had to be received from the employees “

Air India 787
In January this year, the government began the process of divesting Air India, calling for the carrier to be offered a share. Air India employees want to get that part of the airline’s control. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

Could it still be an organization?

It is likely that this consortium will unite things. After all, it seems that the pilot-union opposition is not the offer itself, but rather the notable issues it has with the management of airlines. Of course, when there are only eight days to file a declaration of interest, resolving the wage dispute can be too much work in such a short period of time.

It is possible to raise as much money as possible without the full participation of employees by asking others to contribute more than what was initially requested.

We will have to wait for what happens in the coming days.

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