Saturday , January 28 2023

Amazon will sell software that reads medical records


Amazon is planning to sell software that can read medical records, improve treatment, or make money-saving suggestions The Wall Street Journal.

The program looks for medical files to select important information, such as the medical condition and the patient's procedures and recipes. The other algorithms that were tried among other things were directed by doctors, Amazon has learned their systems to find out how to write them, to find out how doctors take notes. WSJ. The company has already developed and sold the software to other companies, a travel reservation and customer service. In Amazon, that is, another market in the healthcare market, buying a retail online purchase in PillPack in June.

Amazon is just the latest technology company to make a healthcare game. Last year, Microsoft launched a new healthcare division, focused on the use of artificial intelligence to improve patient care. Earlier this month, Apple collaborated with the Department of Veterinary Affairs for veterans to access their electronic devices on iPhone. For a long time, Apple Watch has been replaced by a physical device instead of a healthy device, in collaboration with Stanford University, to carry out a heart health study and incorporating it into the latest version of the EKG function by the FDA.

Of course, the efforts have not been successful. Actually, Google Life Sciences has paused its top-level program to create intelligent contact for tear from glucose detection.

Amazon's text analysis technology made it possible to incorporate it into the healthcare market in a sensible way for the corporate giant. But the field of electronic health records is very controversial. Even though the medical records are being digitized, the evolution of e-health technologies becomes a fragmented division of many voices amongst many patients. Lately, without mentioning New Yorker Article "Why doctors hate their computers," Dr. Atul Gawande writes about what the doctors frustrate the whole process and warns that burnout can contribute to various health record systems.

Fortunately, accessing Amazon's electronic record logs will help tackle the problem and it will not increase the pain.

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