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Apple tips for self-driving car lazy in the direction of division

– Apple Inc. has said on Wednesday that 190 employees were pulled out of their project car license, Titan of the project, changes in the company's evolution of automotive technologies to strange windows.

The technology company has been appointed with state regulators. He had previously planned on its facilities in the eight county counts of Santa Clara in Cupertino, California, headquartered before April 16. The confirmation of the company's spokesman was reduced by the self-service car program.

As the creator of the IPhone says the interest of self-conscious cars, it never details exactly which technology it is using and whether it intends to control a whole vehicle or its sensors, computer systems and software.

The public documents presented by the regulators show unknown traces.

Between at least two dozen software engineers, a machine engineer engineer and 40 engineers engineers, at least one month earlier, Apple sent a letter to the California employers' regulators.

Some of the physics suggestions for consumer products are the release of three-product designer engineers and ergonomics engineers. There was a shuffle on the machine shop, although it is clear how many machine-makers told the inspectors and whether manufacturing automotive parts or smaller parts of electronics or sensors.

The dismissal seems to be the first major event of Doug Field's Titan project, Apple returned to Apple last year as Vice President of Special Projects after being one of the founders of Tesla Inc.'s electric car.

Apple knows the "need for" project project in its operation, including only about 5,000 employees of Apple's entire staff, according to the robbery documents of a commercial secrecy this year by Apple's former Apple.

The "core" workers that are directly working on the development of the project are about 1,200, according to a complaint closed in January.

SHEET SHEET: Apple Inc.'s new store was updated at the iPhone 7 presentation in Los Angeles, California, United States, September 16, 2016. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson / Photo Photo

In spite of the changes, the company seems to have boosted the California roads. As regulators presented a month earlier, Apple delivered nearly 80,000 thousand tests at home in 2018, which exceeded 1,000 miles from the previous year.

However, it was much less than Alphabet Inc's Waymo unit, 1.2 million yards a year ago.

(The story addresses the second paragraph, the towns of the county of Santa Clara were not eight, nor seven).

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