Saturday , February 4 2023

Bale expects Roma display "turbulent & # 39; season to galvanize


ROME (Reuters) – Gareth Bale has criticized the recent downturn in Real Madrid, but the Welshman expects Tuesday to win 2-0 at Rome to seal the top spot on the Champions League Group G as a catalytic activator to activate their faltering campaign.

At the age of 29, he did not score in the last nine leagues and came into sharp criticism on Saturday, after losing 3-0 in Eibar, for the fifth European victory over three seasons.


The referee has gone 20 times away against the Basque Country and aims to single-shot, through a Spanish newspaper poll, that fans of Realm did not want to start the Italian capital.

Although his team, however, after rising to the Champions League and the first semester, Bale stopped third in four European outings, and then Lucas Vázquez won the victory.

"The manager told us about the season, we should continue playing as we know, and we played very well in the second half, as we usually do. We've got some confidence and we need to keep it right now." Bale told reporters.

"Obviously, the start of the season was not exactly as we knew it. We have to continue working hard to work in the team, to achieve performances and achieve results …".

Baler did not fail to fill the gap left by Cristiano Ronaldo. Real made homework, completing the fourth League sixth and playing a goal with 13 points at the age of 18, winning 20 and winning 19.

Certainly, he felt he had been allowed to go to the Juventus for Portuguese talismans.

"Seasonal anger has been confusing during the season, but we continue to fight every game, we do not care what we are in. This football, sometimes frustrating, is a bit different," he added.

"But I know how to continue to be a tough experience, as a team, and we did today."

(Review by Richard Martin, John O & # 39; Brien's Publisher)

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