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Boeing earns $ 100 billion and markets it with it

FILE- On February 5, 2018, photo caption Boeing 737 MAX 7, Boeing's fastest newest version of the aircraft, is a debut of Renton, Wash's new jet's crew and media. Boeing Company Reports Profits Wednesday, January 30, 2019. (Photo AP / Elaine Thompson, File)

CHICAGO (AP) – Boeing first reported revenue for more than $ 100,000 million for the first time, and the shares were won by the company in the fourth quarter, which easily exceeded the expectations of Wall Street profits and sales.

Large aircraft mechanics, which have affected the trade between the United States and China, have predicted the future of an hour before the hood.

After boosting airlines, Boeing delivered 238 commercial airliners in the quarter, compared to the same quarter last year. 806 commercial plans were delivered in 2018 and reached 6% of 2017 deliveries. Boeing expects more in 2019, projecting shipments between 895 and 905 commercial aircraft.

Boeing Co earned $ 3.42 million or $ 5.93. Earnings based on non-profit earnings were in accordance with a quota of $ 5.48, according to a profit survey of 4.52 $, which was sought by industrial analysts, according to a survey by Zacks Investment Research. Boeing earned $ 5,07 in the same period last year.

The Chicago company announced a forecast income of $ 28.34 million, also forecasting $ 26.65 million, and surpassed $ 24.77 million in the fourth quarter of last year.

Boeing expects revenues from $ 19.90 to $ 20.10 for $ 109.5 million and $ 111.5 million in the year.

Boeing took its shares in pre-trading, almost 6%. Shareholders have been in a close position between Washington and Beijing, but this year they increased 13%.

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