Sunday , February 5 2023

Caravan cannabis oil trial launch hope for treating skin condition


There is a charity clinically consolidating the use of cannabis oil in the condition of skin condition in severe conditions for the treatment of adulthood and pain in pain.

DEBRA, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a condition that guarantees the protection of people, the skin block and the slightest touch.

The EU touches more than 5,000 people in the UK, causing pain and itching every day, absorbed and worn.

Current treatments use anti-inflammatory and opiates for a long time to lead to unwanted and unnecessary effects.

DEBRA demonstrates the judgment to use cannabinoid medicines to improve living conditions in the EU and to burn an oil under the feather.

Fifteen participants, aged 18 and over, will have a period of three years at the Center for Medical Malpractice at the University of the Netherlands at the Blistering Disease Center.

Caroline Collins, director of DEBRA research, said: "We are very pleased to fund this clinical trial, especially considering the government's decision to legalize some form of cannabis medicine.

"Unknown reports from people suffering from the EU suggest that cannabinoid medicines (CBM) are effective in controlling pain and itching symptoms.

"Scientific evidence will begin to gather scientific evidence that demonstrates that evidence of the pain and pain of the EU is an effective treatment, and a new treatment protocol and evidence-based treatment guidelines will be healed to manage these debilitating symptoms, we hope to improve the quality of life."

Simon Weston, chairman of DEBRA, CBE, added: "For many years I have taken opioids to alleviate the pain of injuries and surgery, and the alternative method of controlling the pain will be welcome."

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