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Carlsen-Caruana 12: Magnus stake


Magnus Carlsen entered the final classic game
The 2018 World Chess Championship will be determined to face Fabiano's teammates
Caruana on Wednesday, and what she wanted, but what cost? His drawing
In motion, 31 offers, in a better position in more time, surprised the world of chess.
Anish Girik stated that "when his life is on the line, suddenly it is not Magnus
later, "Garry Kasparov echoed:" Tiebreaks demands a horrible one
Nerves and seems to lose. "Will Barissa forgives the way

All that emerges from Magnus Carlsen
In the world champions there is no world championship. 1, and quickly and blitz chess
On Wednesday Fabiano Caruana should be a favorite.
However, even if everything is planned, game 12 match in London
It may take a while to live. Peter Svidler will play a game
only in the case of the match situation:

Magnus played in a draw dressed in white
Playing with New York's Sergey Karjakin to play the game, and
There was no reason to think that it could have a similar result
Black pieces of London He got almost everything.

Game Sveshnikov started with Sicily, but in contrast
In Magnus's two matches, he was ranked 2nd
movement 8 … Ne7 8 instead … Nb8. By movement
11 was already a great offer on the table, but Caruana went there 12.h4, as Vladimir
Kramnik played against Milos Roganovic
at the last Batumi Olympiad.
Vlad won that game, but then Anish Girik told his inaugural opponent
playing was good. This deviates things, however, as Magnus
He did not answer 12 … a6 though 12 … h5:

Fabiano sent a nine-minute shot, and Alexander Grischuk earned an almost daily description "completely
White's miserable preparation. "Movement really played
Get enough profile into a computer game into standardized databases … by Stockfish
Against Houdini against TCEC 11 Superfinal season

We did not know, Magnus replied
Evident 13.Bg5 Stockfish's 13 … Qb8! "Fabian added 13.Qa4, and then 13 … Bd7 14.Qb4 Bf5 repeat again three times
take it:

Fabiano thought he should accept a draw, or not, after shocking the clock in front of the clock, Anish Giri occasionally
When he drew it he thought it was a mistake:

"Bottle" means "courage" or "willingness to take risks".
In the words of British English, and after 8 minutes, Caruanas found it enough
go 15.Be3!. It was first
Many of the decisive generosity of Challenger, most of them
he came 21.Rh2!

When Svidler commented later, "Fabi will not die
wondering [what might have been] Today, "Grischus summed up things perfectly
"Yes, bravo for your spirit." His spirit is much better than his preparation
today "

From now on, Fabian took the watch
not his friend:

He led the Rook to justify the elevator
The C2 wizard, his knight was finally on top of f2, and practically
Other circumstances, Svidler felt 25.f4?
He lost the anti-Magnus movement:

Grischuk came from this point, "he looks
Fabian had Topalov syndrome in the game, avoiding unwanted movements
drawing. "This was mentioned at the end of the 2010 World Championship match
Vishy Anand against Veselin Topalov's commitment to suicide in chess
Instead of playing white. This would be a lot
Amnesty played in London, although Magnus played fast 25 … a5 26.Qd2 e4 but rather than going
b5-break or 25 … exf4!

Why was not Magnus going further? As he said then:

The answer is very simple: this was not my goal! Once
Again, my approach was not imbalanced in this position. I had one
It has very clear paths with a5 and e4, and it is completely safe
maybe he can win. It seemed absurd to do anything else.

Magnus was not bothered about computer evaluations:

Our comment has been received from the World Champion
Approaching during the game:

The chance to win the game was a chance
move on 29:

Magnus played 29 … a4, but 29 … Ba4! Fabiano showed off after the game. 30.b3?
In the minute 30 … Bxb3! would lose it; 30.Rcc1-k 29 … b5! As Svidler says
Out, this was not one of those computers that is very difficult for anyone
It was not a fault, but something you probably would find
I think 29 … all Ba4. Magnus told the press conference, "probably
There was not the right thinking to go. "He also attended the press conference
He gave a brief interview:

Irony, in some ways, was not really pushing
Magnus still had a very hopeful position, as well as more
20 minute advantage on watch. Vladimir Kramnik was giving 50:50
Whether Caruana survives … Suddenly everything is over!

Fabiano Caruana later described: "a little surprised"
the offer of the draw ", and even thought to pause psychologically
It was a demonstration of strength, but Grisch stated that it was a kind of offer
Maybe you hope you accept the end of a match
It was still a failure but you can save a few punctuation points! In this case …

Dogs reverberated around the world of chess, with the previous one
World champions are not exempt:

Norwegian and US enthusiasts were also surprised:

The other players were surprised or disappointed:

The words of Carlsen did not diminish what it was
He was almost a crime against Schizophrenia and he was a champion:

I do not know, but I would be honest to do it naturally
it moves I could all see that it was not necessarily going for a maximum. I
I only wanted the position, safe and where I put them
Pressure, but I mean – although the draw was not a good result
it would be different.

Perhaps, it was just a lie that Anish Giri moved

It is highly recommended to see for yourself
Reuters Giri, Svidler and Grischuk reported the raffle
When they reflected that they did not hear these words, "I offer a raffle".
Magnus's mouth came out (Grischuk was in the middle of an anecdote about a German and Norwegian guard, and I was "sinking / thinking" …). The video will start at the moment, while they go
Match the fascinating debate for 30 minutes or more
results, tattoos and general ramifications of the chess. Do you have to change something?

As an investor, you should not miss Alexander
Alternative Grischuk Alternative System!

So where did all we left? Well, Magnus was there
Before finishing the game, after the end of the match, after completing the historical sequence of all the classic matches of the World Championship,

The format will start on Wednesday, starting from the usual hours
The winner continues to play in mini-matches when the winner has a title
No more games played:

  • 4 fast games: All movements for each player 25 minutes, plus a 10-second increase per move
  • 2 Blitz games: Increase of 5 minutes plus 3 seconds
  • 2 Blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 2 Blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 2 Blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 2 Blitz games: 5 + 3
  • A game of Armageddon: White 5 minutes until Black's 4th, though
    The draw is Black World World Champion

It might be a very long day, but what can we expect? Well, before
Hikaru Nakamura came on for Fabiano Caruana
He saw clearly what he saw:

On the other hand, one reason was Nakamura so small
Because Caruana was a winner's faith, she almost certainly meant it
Magnus victory The world champion is a fast and blitz world. 1 and
In general, they play chess shapes better than in classic chess. As an intuitive player, they play a bit more than the other players when the speed increases. Also
surnames are specialized when headings are online:

And of course, unlike Fabiano, he has been there and has done it
that is:

Still, there is little doubt that Fabian has done a lot of work
Make its speed chess skills perfect for the match, and if you are
Combine it with a bit of luck with preparation, and some nerves
The champions could still happen.

That's all waiting on Wednesday, but still as soon as possible
Another game is the rest day with more Banter Blitz Sopiko
At noon
continuous Svidler
At 13:30 CET
. Do not miss it!

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