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Celebs Go Dating is called Kerry Katona & # 39; d *** & # 39; her kids' & # 39; mistake & # 39;

Kerry Katona looks for a constant love on the road, because she underwent a daytime affair, when she marked a "d ***", her children said it was "a mistake".

The Atomic Kitten singer happily celebrated with Celebs Go Dating, but with Welsh negotiator Nick, she found more opportunities to hide more than ever.

When he was 38 years old, Kerry made amazing statements about what he had lived.

With Katherine, he has owned Kerry with the opportunities of his life, without losing time with his father, he has owned five million franchises.

The subject of the children grew steadily, especially between the two parents, and Kerry said, "I'm a million! I'm five."

Nick did not shock Kerry Katona

Kerry was surprised that Nick did what he did to school, "just like dad", but he did not get married in his perspective.

Nick said he had never married, "better things to spend £ 30,000."

When asked how many children, Kerry said: "A million! I had five."

Kerry was surprised by Katona Nick's comments

Kerry was amazed by the "proper dad", Nick has two children and runs in most days of school.

She never married and she would not "think about spending 30 pounds better."

That's not the case with Kerry's marriages, especially three times as a bride: Nick had paid over £ 100,000 for marriages for marrying?

Kerry retreated to Nick's allegations

Kerry was amazed at her, responding with the feeling: "Yes, who pays for that?"

Nicki replied: "Well, at least, it was nice, it's not a good day."

The date was as good as it was, so it went bad, and Nick was committed to seeing the other half, "once or twice a week."

Nick has a bad state of Kerry

Kerry spoke a little and said: "It sounds like you're looking cleaner."

Although optimistic, Kerry plowed and told Nick that his grandmother was "in 10 years".

Kerry had her first son at the age of 20, and Nick was surprised, saying: "Do you learn from your mistakes, though?"

Kerry has tagged it as "d ***"

Kerry replied: "I would not say it was a mistake," he replied.

Talking about this comment later on in the show, Kerry said: "Being a child and raising yourself is not a mistake, who is the guy?

Nick tells me that it is summed up with the next comment, as in that country mother went crazy.

Not forgetting, Nick said mothers have "reacted" to giving birth to pain. Kerry challenged him: "Go and get a pineapple *** and how old it is, it's like that."

He looks for Kerry's love

When the weekend's weekend and the second encounter are looking for a remote one, he shared his thoughts on Nick, saying: "What's d ***!"

Kerry said: "Who says the only one who wants to see it once a week? He wants a call from a pharmacist.

"The worst thing was not that its accent did not change its attitude."

Kerry continues to seek his excellent partner.

Celebs Go Dating continues on Tuesday at E4 at 9:00 p.m.

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