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Chad opposition opposition leaders Idriss Deby destroyed Israel's approach


Opposition leaders from Chad and civil society Afraren African countries accused Israeli President Idriss Deby of joining in earlier this week and establishing diplomatic ties with him.

According to the political and civil parties, Chad would not be able to recover diplomatic ties with Israel if Palestinian territory continues to occupy and African states have no collective decisions to establish relations.

Deby was the first leader of the Muslim majority to go to Jerusalem for decades and, according to Chadian analysts, he gained intelligent connections and military connections between Deby's government and Israel.

Al Jazeera's Fadoul Abderazak, in the capital, Djamena, said most of Chad's political establishments say Susma says that Deby is backing the Israeli ties with Israel's military and intelligence.

Chad joined in 1972 with Israel, the African Union's Organization, formerly the African Union, decided that the Palestinian solidarity with Member States would cut diplomatic ties with Israel.

Chad's Jerusalem Civil Society Alliance, a group of 22 civilian groups, made a statement condemning Deby's visit to Israel.

"We have criticized the Lehendakari as a Zionist organization," he said.

"By means of this statement, asking for forgiveness on behalf of people in Chad, the president's visit does not represent us, because we do not change the protection of our country for the Palestinian cause," he said.

Opposition leader Mahamat-Ahmad Alhabo, the head of the Freedom and Development party, made an approach without African consensus, that Chad would not restore Israel's ties.

Alwa said that Deby did not inform Chad citizens to go to Israel, because Chadist found out that Israeli media.

Mahamat-Ahmad Alhabo [Al Jazeera]

"Israel cares only for its interests and uses Chad as a Trojan horse, which can be used as a basis for establishing links with other African nations," Alhabou added.

"Chad continued to resist the Palestinian attack and end the end of the occupied territory of the Palestinians, the Muslim holy place in Jerusalem," he said.

The Israeli prime minister said on Tuesday that Netanyahu would soon reach Chad to officially establish diplomatic relations between both countries.

However, Abu Bakr Yousef Zayed, former Deputy Foreign Minister of N & A, and a member of the government in the 70s, Al Jazeera said that Chad did not consider his religious or cultural heritage to discuss Israel's ties.

"Chad highlights Israel's close connection with Israel, especially because Israel has great military and intelligence capabilities," he said.

African view of Israel

Themeisa Fakuda, a senior researcher at the Al Jazira Study Center and a central African expert, said that Israel is making great efforts on the continent, and it is a clear trend towards helping African states, especially in East Africa.

Arab countries have forgotten Africa and Israel has reaffirmed its presence on an international basis for Arab causes, as Kakuda said.

Fakud says African leaders may have access to Israeli intelligence and military training. Israel has a more strategic goal.

Israel wants to change the UN equation and legitimize its policies in the occupied Palestinian world.

Themeisa Fakuda, African Expert

"The main goal of Israel to promote Africa is to increase the number of votes in the United Nations institutions, such as the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. African nations protect Palestinians and condemn Israel's actions," he said.

In Africa, efforts are being made to make Israel's international community accept that the UN vote varies in the end.

"Israel wants to change the UN equation and legitimize its policies in the occupied Palestinian worlds," added Kafuda.

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