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China's factory exports believe that geopolitical tensions suffer greater economic crises in the markets Business

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The Chinese factory has experienced a decline in the export orders of the economic crisis over the last decade because the weakening of the country's economy is diminishing.

New economic data show that the manufacturing activity in China in February has reduced the short-term growth of three months in the third month.

This has led to the official manufacturing index of the manufacturing purchases (PMI) 49.2, from 49.5 In January (shows a 50 contraction below). This is the weakest reader in February 2016.

The sub-index measured by exports was particularly weak, worrisome and sharp 45.2 – The lowest in February 2009 in the global economy is a deep recession. This means that Chinese exports have run within nine months.

Simon Ting
(@ Simimount)

China February NBS Mfg PMI -0.3 to 49.2, third-line lower than 50 and from March 2016.
New export request for 45.2, 9 month row down and 10 year minimum level!

February 28, 2019

The bad news is not – The Chinese service sector grew in February (although at a slower pace). However, the deterioration of the manufacturing sector will reinforce the worries that the American commercial warfare could cause serious damage.

That is a concern, the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer warned Congress yesterday that a lot of work is needed to achieve a full and viable trade agreement.

jeroen blokland

Two economics tales! #TxinaManufacturing #PMI In February, there are fewer than 50, and the non-manufacturing PMI 54.3 is healthy.

February 28, 2019

News disappointed investor, shrinking the Shanghai composite index by 0.5%.

Jasper Lawler of London Capital Group says:

As more data is released from China, Shanghai Composite Index will be lower. According to the factory activity in China, it was recruited in the first three months of February, as export orders were the lowest level of the global crisis.

China's slowdown suffers from a second sense of the risk that China's trade and trade agreement with the United States and China are doing a lot of work and continues to show more evidence of economic slowdown in China for traders Thursday.

Geopolitical breakfast is also weighing in markets, as the Kashmir crisis is growing. The final offender who has broken the Trump-Kim Summit will also cheat investors.

They come today too

Finally, we will know how the Americas economy was left in the last quarter of 2018 when the figures for GDP lags are released. According to economists, the annual growth rate has fallen from 3.4% to 2.2% (or 0.55% quarterly or quarterly).

This morning there are also results from the UK companies in the automotive industry Aston Martin, theme park group Merlin, etxebuilder bovisreal estate agent Foxtons, transport group National Express, the insurer RSA, jet engine maker Rolls Royce and airline team IAG update all markets

Mike van Dulken

Top of the UK corporate results this morning. And that's not the case with news stories

February 28, 2019

Mike van Dulken


February 28, 2019


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