Saturday , October 19 2019
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Chrome's new cache background button will be faster

This is not quicker to get to new websites, but Google says browsing and back browsing is quite common, Chrome is up to 19% of Android's viewed pages and 10% of Chrome on computers.

It's like a simple feature, but there are challenges. Privacy, one by one, because bfcache does not have javascript pages. Although this feature may have some benefits for battery durability, rebuilding uninterrupted page rebuilding is not so compact, it's probably quite a memory process. Traditionally, Chrome has had a problem.

In this way, Google intends to build Chrome 2020, following tests this year. In Safari and Firefox, they're using a similar cache type – Safari since 2002 and Firefox since 2005 – so Chrome is catching up here. But taking into account the vision of increasing privacy and technology performance, it clearly assures that it is achieved.

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