Saturday , July 2 2022

Clean Master, Cheetah Keyboard, Battery Doctor, and others caught on Massive Ad Scams


AFollowing a report on BuzzFeed News, eight Android apps, along with more than 2 million combined downloads in the Play Store, have been seized by misuse of user permissions.

According to the report, eight out of eight eight applications are known as the Chinese name called Cheetah Mobile. Eighth application Kika Tech has another Chinese company with Silicon Valley.

The following 8 applications are:

  • Clean master
  • Master's in Safety
  • CM Launcher 3D
  • Kika keyboard
  • Battery Doctor
  • Cheetah keyboard
  • CM Locker
  • CM File manager

These applications participate in a mass scam scheme. The application permissions have been violated by download control and application installation commissions to download downloads.

ad cheetah cheat mobile
Image: BuzzFeed

Thanks to this practice, applications that generate rich wealth in the implementation of new applications are being developed. The report suggests that applications are prompted for users to download a new app and request the use of this information facility.

With regard to the users of these applications, the phone's battery may start faster and even faster data usage.

"This is a robbery, there is no such thing to say," said Kochava, BuzzFeed. "These are real companies doing – on a scale – there is no random person in their basement," he said.

In a new review, Cheetah Mobile has claimed that the behavior of the SDK is unsatisfactory from different ad platforms. On the other hand, Kika Tech has rejected the intentions of advertising scams.

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