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Cleveland police land NASA Mars landing on a winter gauge point – BGR

Someone who knows how to live in the vicinity of wildernesses can come to the Cleveland resident who has to deal with the weather of weeping. Police Cleveland, on the other hand, are clearly happy to make fun of the city's travelers and use NASA's new Mars InSight Landing for any of the roads that cover the snowy city.

A Twitter account from Cleveland's Police officer on Twitter warned the police that winter-burning drivers had run nuclear-powered NASA hundreds of millions of kilometers, the police are humorous.

"NASA has sent THREE THOUSAND THOUSAND THOUSAND THOUSAND THOUSAND to send land spacecraft to the ground," says Tweets. "You can drive the snow".

OK, let's break it down, it's worth a rating: First, he asked the Cleveland Police Twitter's questionnaire before he had done it. The distance between March and Earth made nothing less than "Googling", but he actually traveled to where InSight traveled. As Mars and Earth's orbit around the sun, the distance between the two planets changes over time, so it's important to get it right.

Secondly, the Earths have touched quite well, at least, as NASA has said about the great sequence and coverage we've seen on NASA's live streaming. InSight could land a rock or boulder, bend the orientation and make things a bit more difficult (or even more difficult skills). Fortunately this has not happened, especially for the benefit of this tweet.

In the end, since many winter drivers have not said, I can safely say that many people forget that the snow flies when driving. Cleveland police are places, and half of the drivers on the road never before seen snow. They drive two very fast ways (and past slider signals in the past) or in a slow (safer, but somewhat annoying way) ways.

Good afternoon behind all the bad guys from behind the tweets, and winter drivers.

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