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Crisis talk | Buenos Aires Times


Economic explanation is very difficult
In general, it is caused by emotional reactions.
There has been a lot of inks to analyze irrational
The behavior of markets, however, is that these races, which are chaotic and, consequently, destructive, are also negative feedbacks
The real consequence of stress situations
The case in Argentina. President Mauricio Macri remains very fragile
In the last October elections, probably face to face
With Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Macri is a political career
without leaving it aside and leaving it to the province of Buenos Aires
The Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal will take her
Place to defeat Cristina? Does economics really look at the abyss, as proposed by several foreign stores?
The point where Argentina will once again surpass its wonderful debt, which has undoubtedly grown in an amazing time
Macri administration? If you immediately sell all deferred assets,
The acceleration of the dollarization of the portfolio and the crisis to be even more profound?

He goes back and knows Mac
trouble One week after a leaked report
Political advice Isonomy said
CFK strengthened the leadership of the presidency in a hypothetical flight leap and then
some economic ads
Clearly, Macri believes that it is against economic and financial indicators
he went wrong The dollar exchange rate, which serves as an indicator of fear in Argentina.
This week, the national currency showed a 10% slide.
& # 39; Country Risk & # 39; Index, which measures the spread
Argentinian bond and US Treasury bills are considered
Safe assets, overcome psychologically important barriers
1000 percentage points. The Merval stock index in Argentina fell by 6.4 percentage points in the Argentine companies' quotas
In Wall Street, sales were 10 percent in one single sale
in session They frightened and nobody wanted to catch him
to catch a falling knife.

Part of damages seems to be self-inflicted. You are trying to save
before the election Cambiemos (Let Change) decided that the coalition, Macri went to his "political" consultant. He ran
60 weekly announces food price freeze
As a result of the pact that is called by the lord, they are leaders in inflation coverage. Social Security Agency
ANSES announced a number of micro-credits of 200,000 pesetas
pensioners, of which 700,000 were distributed first
days of the program Public service bills including electricity.
while natural gas and public transport continued
Electoral This is Macri's most … masochist.

Financial markets are not like populism. They do not like it too
see the Government increase its subsidy policy and the subsequent deficit figure. Wall Street does not care
effects, nonprofits. At the same time, the recession is subject to taxation, such as the government
The promise of "zero deficit" could be a chimera. And the agricultural sector is expected to be stored
Now it has not come. It may be part one
Explain why the US $ 3.5 million Macri has
Duplicate administration in debt payments
On Monday, the country was not renewed.

Self-inflicted is also a winning strategy
Polarizing with Cristinar Macri's election, Jaime Ekuador's consultant
Durán Barba and Cabinet Chief Marcos
Peña, follow this idea behind
elections should be put "according to"
or become Venezuelan ". This became
Obvious on Thursday, Peña and yes
Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, was mayor
This is the only chance of the Lehendakari this year
Electoral "They were market participants
Doubtless, they thought they would go
back, "said Macri in the radio interview," they
I can believe that Cristina can win. The flat "V" is not an option, it may be
read between lines. On the same Thursday, Peña had lunch
The whole cabinet, where Durán Barba informed them
Latest surveys and team results, as Milanese
served. The political strategist in Ecuador, who told the team
then he was overtaken by Macri CFK from the ministries
He gave an interview with Bloomberg, where he blamed him for a colleague
Spooking for markets.

Juan Germano, Head of Isonomy, spoke. Germano picked up the glove, denying its deliberately filtered figures, but both investors and the media claimed it.
wrong read numbers When talking about a "linear interpretation", he gave details: Cristina starts for the first time
Macro ahead of face to face in a ballotage scenario, 60%
The respondents will not decide who will vote. A large number of respondents say they have been better
In the past, they still did not vote by the CFK. "It's gone
Read the figures, "said Germans in the radio interview,
"In 2015, when Macri was the winner of the spill, his power was set in October as a result of election results in October.
where he won a few percent than expected
the election, and the province of Buenos Aires. "

However, in a world where algorithms fed high-frequency negotiations, and Wall Street takes decisions in a few seconds
it was enough food for sale. A part, the government
There was a strategy to show the fear of returning to Christ
return them Wall Street lost confidence in Macri
Important banks and hedge funds such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Pimco, Blackrock, Templeton and Liberty sold Argentine bonds. Market sources told News & # 39; Alejandro Rebossio.
The sale seems to cause $ 15 million in sales. Retail investors have dollarized
The appropriate $ 70 million wallets
"Black Thursday". Financial Times Magazines a
A piece that reads "Argentina is on the verge", while the Spanish El
The country has made its contribution: "It is approaching the Argentinian cliff".

What really happens when mixing the financial markets
It is a serious mistake, almost as dangerous as thinking
what happens with stocks, deposits and money
real economy The situation remains locked, Macri and Cristina are capable of blocking
to take it to the spill. This photo is at least current
it tells us the future. Trump, Bolsonaro and many others
They can prove things, they can be changed at one time.

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