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Cryptocurrency Bear Market: What's next?


In 2017, Bitcoin brought other cryptographs, and so the alternative currency earned a record. These digital currencies have exceeded an average of 1,400%. After the celebration of the year, the virtual currencies took another direction. This time they recorded the epic bust. But a little later, dust started to settle. Of course, celebration days will end in today's market.

Investors and regulators faced the tough questions that bitcoins could face five years ago when Bitcoin entered the first generation.

This article will answer the right questions about the current market and what happens next

Why do many people criticize Bitcoin?

It has been a long list of reputable investors. Bitcoins have opened their coals. Bitcoin Cash's tough fork is in charge of today's market. Warren Buffet, an investing lawgiver, called Bitcoin called "the poisonous square of rats". Actually, apart from their volatility, bitcoins and furniture with outbound tips, money laundering, excessive speculation has been linked to the endless list.

However, Bitcoin is constantly aligning, in accordance with the necessary regulations. It is not surprising if the cryptographic advocates are increasingly promoting digital currency.

Why was the 2018 rough?

Significant cryptoconits must be a 2018 market, which can be attributed to serious clampdown rules on operators. The fear of lost losses has played a key role in ensuring that cryptocoups have tightened completely. As a result, Bitcoin has dropped by more than 75%. Likewise, the treasures are being plummeting to record the lower ones.

Unfortunately, many of these treasures are not worth anything. Familial economist and cryptographic skeptic Nouriel Roubini said the digital currency is the mother of fraudsters.

How do you regulate the rules?

Investors 'directors' focus on job placement can be changed from one country to another. In Japan, for example, watchdog licenses licensing operators. It uses a Swiss hand-off system. In China, it is even worse to confiscate assets, as well as accusations. Like many other countries, the United States still has no definitive policy on cryptoconference. In the current market, US prosecutors are investigating the 2017 running of the bulls. They are trying to find out if there were any types of manipulation.

What are the cryptocompres really

Bitcoins and altcoins are not the bills or coins that can be police officers like the currency of the traditional currency. A user community is an electronic asset that is created and controlled using a decentralized approach.

In fact, people always compare that the cryptoconference value works in the same way as gold. That is why it depends on the people who pay the value.

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