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Dirk Oracle's nostalgic good memories

OAKLAND, California – The fans of Oracle Arena Dirk Nowitzki, who will be linked to the Golden State Warriors this season, have highlighted the rival's 21-year-old veteran appearance on Saturday. overnight

He began his applause for the second quarter, with his former teammate Mavericks Dallas Dallas with Steve Nash, assistant.

Warriors occasionally held Oracle's history during the breaks during the whole season, and as part of it MC at home demanded that Sand be his favorite memory. Nowitzki was an honorable way, despite the fact that at the end of this season there was no announcement to foresee retirement.

"Every time I was in Oracle's favorite moment was # 99 when my friend Dirk Nowitzki got his first career ship here," Nash said, just after Nowitzki swish his first four shots swish his fourth quarter for the first time in the quarter. "Since then, it has 31,000 career points, and I think it's a flashback, so we want to watch it tonight."

Warriors Nowitzki never cooled, 21-year-old veterans scored 21 points, making Mavs 126-171 champion a champion.

Nowitzki's ending was a delight when it was the lowest point of his career, when the 67 wins that Mavericks finished in the first position of 7th cycle. "We Believe" Warriors was eliminated in six matches in 2007.

A wall outside of the visitor's lodge, Nowitzki's quest for rage after that game has become a part of the Golden State franchise, which is intended to move and move on this wall section. next season to the sparkling center of the Chase Center that will open in San Francisco. Nowitzki, autographed, a few years later, when Mavs headed for the 2011 championship, a piece of plexiglas covers a hole with a bright "Believe" T-shirt that overhangs the wall.

"It's salt salt," said Nowitzki, throwing a box on the wall or trash. "It's a good thing to be something on the field, but also a great memory for them and not so much for me. But I can not do anything now, but I'm embraced.

"It was part of my career, part of my history. I always said this without it [playoff] On the back of losses 06 and 07, I would not have been able to close the whole deal for 11 months. This is part of my trip. It was violent and hard to keep up, but I grew up a lot ".

Guard Devin Harris, on the current list of Mavs Warriors lost the only other player in the 2007 playoffs, does not quite feel the same sense of nostalgia.

"Do not bring it. No, no. Do not do it," said Harris, cutting off a toy. "It is quite difficult for the locker room to go through this outlet and look at that bad sign. Everyone's talk is worse, nothing positive."

Nowitzki assured the loss of Warriors' elimination, as well as the collapse of the Dallas NBA finals in the previous season, alerting him as a footnote to his career as a single Mavs title. Four out of four stars out.

However, this hole, with its signing, serves as a symbol of the sixth leading mark in the NBA history, as one of the busiest supermarkets.

"It's not what the superstars should sign a lot," coach Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said before the match. "This looks at what he's going to do about everything. It's just a good sport, and it allows someone to have such a moment and a respectful gesture, even if it's a very painful situation."

Steve Kerr, a warrior coach, is about Nowitzki's modesty about organic pay tribute to Nowitzki's line of homage.

"Dirk is just one of the boys who love everyone," said Ker before the match. "I do not think that anyone who loves Dirk loves you, because you do not have a league, because it's a great player, but how he's wearing it [has] immense humor and self-obsessed. She loves the game, loves to play. You are not 21 years old unless you love playing in the game. "

Still, Nowitzki admits the XXI. During the season, the slow and difficult recovery of the spring ankle surgery, "it was wonderful to have been much more enjoyable." Saturday night definitely fell into the final category.

It took more than a minute for Nowitzki, to match his goal in the area of ​​the 6th Night of 2007, offering 22 pages and 3 pointers to Maven's first two properties.

"Dirk would not tell me first," said Nowitzki asking him to ask him about his groove. "It's been a long time ago, but I had a good pace of warm-up shooting. First they called for me, so I knew it was a daylight, as this thing went up and it came in."

"My first cart was in this building, so I'm sure I'll lose it," said Dirk Nowitzki on Saturday at Oracle Arena. Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE through Getty Images

Nowitzki dumped another 3-and-a-half relay with double digits – and Warriors scored 12 points – three minutes and 29 seconds behind. The crowd of Oracle resigned to Olaun when he left for the first night of the second night.

Many of those fans left before the fourth quarter, but they did not see them wound up until the end of a stroke of a stroke, but those who had passed Nowitzki gave the final txalaparta at 4:41 p.m. .

"This has always been a fun building," said Nowitzky. "Whether your team is good or not, their support has always been here and it was a fun atmosphere to play. I will always remember this building, unfortunately, in my MVP season. [in 2006-07], but also a lot of good memories. My first cart was in this building, so I'm sure I'll lose it. "

Warrior superstar Kevin Durant, within the repertoire of Nowitzki, who named Nowitzki's brand name, respectfully surpassed the view of Nowitzki's career.

"Dirk has retired yet, I feel everyone is pushing the league," said Durant. "So I'll wait until I make an official opinion announcing it, but it looks great, since it has long looked like it was."

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