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Energizer & # 39; Boot & # 39; The phone gives up to 50 days battery life

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Energizer promises a new phone that will keep its battery for 50 days without charge.

But this is not a new and elegant device that technology fans describe as an "absolute unit" and "thick goose" floating.

Power Mini P18K Pop was named afterwards by Avenir Telecom, no doubt.

Local leaders can watch a two-day video and listen to 100 hours of music to upload.

2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC) was a speaker, where Avenir revealed.

For the name of Energizer, some people speculated that something was under the device while the phone was charging.

He showed the photos of the people who participated with MWC in full proportions and in the pocket.

As makers say, above their size, Power Max P18K Pop has all the features that it can expect from an Android phone from 2019.

Some people believe that their phone is in keeping with the technology expectations of their mobile phone.

"Many believe that battery technology does not keep pace with phone technology," says Zoe Kleinman, BBC's technology correspondent.

"In your pocket, your phone can do more tasks and keep connected, but all this requires power – and you can store it a lot.

"Energiser's solution definitely provides extra juice, but it needs more time to load and weigh in the pocket.

"Although it's horrible, it's really double as early as iPhone."

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Getty Images / Avenir Telecom

The makers are the largest device that can hold smartphone phone batteries, as well as five cameras.

There was no release date published or phone weighing.

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