Monday , May 23 2022

Energy Minister ⋆ Pindula News


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The government has said that there are shortages of fuel shortages in some service stations in Harare in foreign currencies. The Minister of Energy and Energy Development, Joram Gumbo, said that there was insufficient fuel in the country and that the situation would be normal. Herald Gumbo spoke

In the last two days, some of the fuel sales areas have been seen, especially in Harare.

Foreign currency allocation delays are created. When the outsourcing is repeated, logistics transportation must be arranged to send fuel to service stations affected. The country is still slowing down as foreign currencies, and there are numerous demands on foreign currencies.

The Government has warned that the petitioner's petition continues to be high and that it puts the appeals to the public in order to prevent disadvantages and coverage and to achieve the main objectives of producing fuels.


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