Thursday , July 7 2022

Everyone expects wickets in UAE & # 39; I hope – Yasir Shah


Yasir Shah has just recovered from the hip-hop injuries, and after the Australia-wide series, he has returned with a full fitness.

Here, in Dubai, Pakistan had to raise the series from several levels to start a game, and quickly understood that the key must have a great deal of superiority. At the end of the third day, he made his third ten wicket in the race.

Surprisingly, he almost did not need two sessions. Aside from lunch on Monday, New Zealand's massive sharp diversions did not spend more than an hour; The 83 balls differentiate Jeet Raval's wicket's fall, first innings, with Trent Boult, the last one. Yasire finished 41 in the 41's, for example, was significant.

"When did I come? [here] In the morning, I thought I had to take 10 wickets in the game, "said Yasir. I did not know that he would take 10 wickets a day. Now, I'm going to try to get eight of them. [second-innings] Wickets as soon as possible. "

The second ones entered second place in New Zealand. Raval fluttered in despair, and Kane Williamson, suddenly taking her first steps to Pakistan, picked up a pearl. A rugged arm slammed a thick outside edge behind him.

"Obviously, I had a plan for each batman, because each batsman has their weaknesses and strengths," he said. "Against Australia, when I was accelerating my pace, I was slowly back in time for the injury. You need to get your rhythm after an injury. Today, I have played a great deal. I had a tough training. Reasons. I passed the final test."

He was a spin-friendly basic condition that added himself to pressure. "Sometimes you feel the pressure here. Spinners get more wickets. So no one needs to take wickets, so you have to work hard."

It would not be discussed if there were any discussions among the best skyscrapers in the world. He focused only on obtaining matches to win his match. However, the statistics make very quiet readings.

Since making Yasir debut, only two spinners, R Ashwin and Nathan Lyon, Since 191, wickets have gained more. But two have played the most notable matches of 32; Ashwin has claimed a total of 229 wickets in 43 Union units, and Lyon is from 206 to 47. Yasir does not accept to take them.

"It's a cigar [having very successful days]. It's a match. Sometimes you do not get wickets. Sometimes, of course, you do not have a very good boat, but that's why you learn it. "

They still need eight wickets in Pakistan to pass the New Zealand TV series, and if nothing happens, Yasir will help them to help them. Time has not yet been the leading leader in the world.

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