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Executives of the space industry are optimistic for 2019, despite the closure and layoffs

WASHINGTON – Although a new wave of penalties and a five-week partial government shutdown, companies continue to be optimistic for next year's space industry.

About the panel discussion on the panel discussion organized by the Space Foundation, on January 30, the launching of the satellite operator, the company managers talked about the business situation and believe that it is growing at a faster pace.

"This is an extraordinary time," said Courtney Stadd, director of government affairs for the startup vehicle company Vector. He mentioned the comments made by General Jay Raymond, the head of the Air Force Space Command, today's industry was called "turning point". "What we are seeing in 2019 is a convergence of technologies, low cost, market change, etc.," said Stadt.

The year, however, has not started well for the industry. Five weeks after the closure of the partial government ended on January 25, NASA, the Federal Aviation, the Federal Communications Commission, and the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration were criticized for all civil and commercial activities.

The panelists admitted that it was hurting them. "We felt a shock," said Andrew Rush, the Director and CEO of Made In Space, a company that develops technology for manufacturing orbit at an international space station. A company with a lot of business in NASA said it was a capital reserve that had confidence.

"We have left our feet hiring gas," he said. With temporary intermittent extinction, "we put our toes on the pedal, but we're not on the ground".

For other companies, the shutdown has delayed communication and launch licenses. "When you make shutdowns in the government, things that last a long time will last longer," said Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, senior vice president of Inmarsate.

Stadd said the shutdown is likely to delay the rulemaking rulemaking of a proposed release revised review is intended to mitigate the overall licensing process. These preliminary draft FAA will be published on February 1. The jury will have the effect of shutting down the warranty, "he said.

In the first weeks of 2019, several companies have also released announcements, including SpaceX, Stratolaunch and Virgin Galactic. The panelist, however, did not see the drop in the industrial expansion of the records.

"I do not think it's a sign," said Allen Herbert, Vice President of NanoRacks Business Development and Strategy. "I think the market is still alive. We're hiring people."

"With any industry, there is a cyclical of different types of skills," Cowen-Hirsch said, companies had to discard certain people and hire others. "I think the priority we are seeing in space".

The panel, however, said that some markets could be too much space for the growing space industry. During the question-and-answer session, audience members asked questions about the mining of asteroids, which have long been achieved by companies, Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources.

"Asteroid mining or the use of space resources, it's even more important to know how to approach the business model and whether it's the right moment," said Rush. A company that works to make the Earth's orbit low activity more durable to stimulate future demand for space resources.

"Asteroid mining markets," Stadd said, "there is a health signal in our community for people looking for the horizon." But he added, "it is often a tendency to mix technical options from a market opportunity."

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