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Finnish AI software improves the cancer patient's attention

Finnish AI software improves the cancer patient's attention

Radiation therapy is important in cancer treatment. When cancer patients receive radiotherapy treatment, a detailed treatment plan is included to determine how radiotherapy is used. The factors that need to be considered in the treatment plan are the size and location of the tumor, as well as the possible metastases. Until now, the physician has had to determine radiotherapy in the target to differentiate the structures manually in the X-ray x-ray images of multiple. These images can record hundreds and hundreds of hundred critical structures for dealing with defects. AI of MVision has prepared hundreds of sickly picture sets that allow software to automatically detect critical percentages for review and approval of doctors.

"Benefits of AI radioactivity benefit cancer patients around the world," said MVision CEO Mahmudul Hasan. "On January 23, we began to plan radiotherapy treatment with both AI hospitals, the Oncology and Radiation Department at the Turku University Hospital (Tyks) and the Helsinki Doctorate Cancer Center. The initial spread of AI software is aimed at prostate cancer patients, but will soon be adapted to other cancer centers They include head and neck cancer and breast cancer. "

"AI allows personalized attention to cancer patients, as the software carries out the main process of radiation treatment planning, the doctor may focus on the particular needs of the patient, such as cancer spread and aggression," said Timo Kiljun, assistant professor and physician. Documenting the Cancer Center.

"AI improves the workplace and repeats the treatment plan at a hospital level, not just at the doctors level. With a large number of cancer patients, treatment scheduling can also be rapid as it also helps with hope," said Professor Heikki Minn and Tykos Oncology and Radiotherapy Director of the Department.

The next step will be to enter the MVision global market. "While the number of cancer patients continues to grow, the shortage of qualified hospital staff continues to be critical in many European countries, which can be alleviated by the AI, guaranteeing a high and uniform radiation treatment for all patients, as well as waiting time," said Hasan .

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