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Fletcher Magee, a more productive shot of 3 points, went to Kentucky to 0 to 12

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Fletcher Magee was everywhere, he had a face on his face, a body on his way, a tedious wavering wave, he had never found.

Kentucky completely closed its fullest and most complete list of 3rd parties.

Thanks to this great defense effort, Wildcats will play the NCAA Championship.

Magee lost 12 long-term attempts at his latest university. On Saturday, Kentucky took Wofford 62-56 in the second round of the Midwest Region.

"We wanted to put the ball on the floor and we wanted to make a basketball match," said Ashton Hagans, the first guardian, one of the players to close the Wofford gunner.

Fulfillment of mission

Reid Travis scored 14 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and made two huge free inputs 17.8 seconds later. secondary Kentucky (29-6). Coach John Calipari knew that the essence of this game was at the end of the defense.

"If he gets a normal amount of 3 years, he is probably defeated," said the coach enjoying his eighth trip Sweet 16 For a decade as a Wildcats coach.

Wofford (30-5) it was definitely the chance to shoot Wildcats 40 percent (52 52) and hold onto his board.

But Mage simply could not shoot, even more surprising than he was, seven hours after 48 hours in the victories of Seton Hall, after the night, he recorded the Division's three-point career.

Mage's twelfth century And after the last attempt, he moved out of the corner and left it out of bounds in front of a surprising section of Wofford.

That's a dirty indeed.

"I am still worried," said Mage.

He says his opinion is much more difficult than what the Southern Conference normally achieves. But something was a bit far away, and the defensive pressure of Kentucky appeared to the last horn.

It was only a second time in the year after Mage failed at least one long shot, after Kansas's 9-to-9 performance in early December.

"It just does not seem to end in a good match, from 0 to 12, through 3," said Magee. "I'll go from 12 to 12, we win the game. I do not know how it happens. I'm sure I have not passed it a bit."

The other Wofford lists went from 3 to 3 of 3 points. Nathan Hoover Four of them scored with 19 points and Cameron Jackson scored 11 points. Magee finished with scores of 8 in 17 out of 17 points.

Kentucky's duration, athletics, and effort were all about the wonderful Magee show. Tyler Herro played a great part in the game, but he worked for a man in the Wofford gunner. Hagans and Jemari Baker Jr. sometimes he was also looking at Magee.

"It was an energy and effort, and I hope they spent a little while since these guys did not stop," Calipar said, looking at his players. "They just pushed and knew they could not let them get in this game or baskets."

Hagans added 12 points to Wildcats, which fell 6 points in the first semester, and went to the lead room 28-26 later. Terriers regained their record for the second half, but Kentucky progressed, leaving 14 1/2 minutes behind, and supervising their advantage over the advantage.

Wildcats won twice in Jacksonville, without the second signatories and RJ Washington players, they watched the games on the bench with the sucked left foot.


Richard Richard of Kentucky had a great impact on the day before the game, when he said that the big men in the team were better than Wofforden.

Actually, Terrier had no part in it.

Richard had only 3 points and three rebounds in 25 minutes, while EJ Montgomery scored 5 points and two rebounds. With Travis, the trio had 22 points and 16 rebounds.

Wofforden Jackson, Keve Aluma and Matt Pegram scored 20 points and 22 rebounds.

Great image

Wofford: Terriers undoubtedly deserve a 7th grade seed, the highest ranking of a Southern Conference in 1979, but the great performance of their best players was written at the end of the 21st win game. However, NCAA Championship can enjoy the victory in the history of the school.

Kentucky: Wildcats are heading to Washington's final ministerial districts, he is expected to return to his court next week in the middle of next week.


Wofford has to replace the principal of Magee, Jackson and Pegram, but in the future it will be a small school in Spartanburg (South Carolina).

Kentucky: Houston 3rd or 11th in Ohio, next Friday in Kansas City (Missouri) semifinal. Cougars play Buckeye on Sunday.


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