Saturday , January 28 2023

Fortnite player count raises 60pc in six months to reach 200 million


THe has popularity of Battle Royale phenomenon Fortnite shows no signs of abating. In another arresting milestone, the developer of the smash video game Epic Games has said that Fortnite now has 200 million registered users.

This makes for a 60pc jump on the 125 million player-count Epic revealed in June.

While many of those 200 million registered users will not be playing the game regularly, Epic also said that Fortnite also recently achieved a record player concurrent count of 8.3 million.

This particular figure is one of the most obvious indicators of the gaming's extraordinary year, almost doubling the 4.3 million competitors announced in February.

In September, Epic said that Fortnite had over 78 million players active in the month of August alone.

The most recent milestones come in the wake of the release of the game in Korea, which has undoubtedly contributed to the game's huge audience.

Chinese tech giant Tencent, which has a 40pc stake in the $ 15bn rated Epic, is also waiting for a license to release Fortnite in China after a bureaucratic shakeup delayed new games being released in the very lucrative market.

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