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Get a free 50-inch 4K TV when you categorize your Samsung T-Mobile smartphone

If you access the T-Mobile store from the 30th of November to the T-Mobile equipment installation plan on Samsung, you have purchased a smartphone rating from your phone, add a voice service to Samsung 4-inch 4K TV. Free This is for existing customers. If you are a new customer and you want an agreement, you will need to add two voice lines. In all ways, they are first and foremost saved in the first service.

The Samsung smartphones that are counted for this agreement are Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 assets. Android Central needs all the information you need on mobile phones, including manual revisions.

Once you have made all your stores, you will receive Samsung email within three days. The email will receive the repayment code that will be used for your new TV, along with order orders.

T-Mobile's phone plan, T-Mobile One, also offers many other freebies. You can get a Netflix subscription subscription, that is, subscription to both Netflix screens, unlimited data, and messages sent to 210 countries, with the Global Simple, the Smart Wi-Fi free flight for one hour, the MLB annual subscription. baseball buffers, and more. Talk, even text and data are unlimited. Also, on T-Mobile Tuesday you will have lots of things available.

There is no specific information on TV. If the bet was a man, they would be like NU6900 and NU7100 series. These are Samsung's 2018 entry level, 50-inch models. Considering the time of year, Black Friday television models could also be. That means what Best Buy means is its Black Friday ad, similar to what NU6070 has to offer. Whenever it's done, it's free for 4K after 4K.

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