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Ginola wins Keegan's evil Newcastle

Published on Tuesday 27, November 2018 at 9:44

David Ginola has offered some insights on how Kevin Keegan reacts to the Newcastle players I love the evil "I love".

Ginola was one of the most important scriptwriter in Newcastle to win the 1995/96 Premier League season, and Manchester United was a 12 point leader at the end of January.

But they won two wins and five wins in nine games, in February and early April, to bring Alex Ferguson United.

Defending Keegan lives in Sky Sports for one of the main causes of downcasting in Newcastle – United has ratified that point.

Ginola reminds us of hearing the player listening to his call, "because we thought we were in the pit problems" without help.

"We've heard it in a dressing room," Sky Sports said. "In fact, we went to help because we thought we had problems.

"He was crying, he was really upset, and he realized that things went out of the stairs, well, that's embarrassing.

"When someone was watching that night, you realize that the previous weeks have lost self confidence.

"Will it be the right to decide in the near future? She lost all sheer fear, so she was confident before.

"It's a great man because it's a great man, I admire as a player as a player. He did not say too much in the dressing room, everything was very easy. I think it's probably a shame."

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