Sunday , June 13 2021

Google has accused seven countries of GDPR's privacy violations

Groups of consumers in seven European countries have filed complaints from GDPR on the follow-up of Google's location (by road) Reuters). The European Consumers' Organization (BEUC), each one of which groups a group, Google's "fraud placements" tracking of location is not allowed to users, and Google is not informed. What this tracking might have. If it is decided, the complaint would result in a giant search.

Members report allegations issued to national data protection authorities in accordance with the DDPR guidelines that Google is able to track users' location even if "Location History" is off. The second setting, "Web and application activity", when enabled by default, must be deactivated to prevent GPS tracking completely.

BEUC claims that Google uses "fraudulent practices" to allow users to enable these options and do not fully inform users of what they do. Thus, the authorization is not freely given.

In response to complaints, Google indicates that Location History is off by default, and it makes it clear that it does not prevent all location monitoring. He reports that he intends to read the report for information.

Google is not the only tech giant to face a major GDPR claim. This year, Ireland's data privacy commissioner will continue to investigate Facebook on a security breach caused by 29 million accounts. As a new legislation published in May, GDPR's violation is still not proven in court, so it is clear how powerful these seven consumer groups are. If successful, the GDPR says Google may create inconvenience to 4% of its revenue world, which would have more than $ 4 million in 2017 budgets.

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