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Google will launch the data collector through Apple's back door – TechCrunch

Facebook was not the only Apple system to use, just distribute applications for employees, to exclude the App Store and collect user data.

Google It's running an application called "Screenwise Meter," and Facebook's Apple-already-advertised app has a similarity to Apple's application. TechCrunch has learned.

In the application, Google invites users aged 18 or older (or part of a family of 13 families) using the Enterprise certificate, through a special code and registration process. This is the same type of infringement, which Apple brought to Apple's Research VPN iOS application. In fact, Microsoft's use of disablement only for legal employees was also affected, making it the same with Facebook Enterprise. Facebook looks very dirty in the process.

Google's iPhone Screenwise Meter app (Images: Google)

If Google asks Google whether its applications violate Apple's policies, Google will announce that Screenwise Meter will remove and disable the Apple Enterprise Enterprise Certificate program on iOS devices.

The company sent to TechCrunch in a statement:

"The Screenwise Meter iOS app should not work under the Apple program developer program, this was a mistake and we apologized. We disabled this app on iOS devices. This application is totally voluntary and has always been. We use this application In the way we started the user, we do not access any encrypted data in applications and devices, and users can quit the program at any time. "

Screen (one) wise

It was launched in 2012 for the first time, Screenwise allows users to earn gift cards with an Enterprise Certificate based VPN application Sideloading to track and analyze Google traffic and data. Google has changed the program to the Cross Media Panel and the Google Review Prizes program, mobile phone tracking systems, PC web browser, routers and TV installation. In fact, Google actually sends a special router to the tracker for the participants.

Initially, screenwise users were just as young as 13, the Facebook Research application is now closed to iOS, but it is still on Android. Now, according to the Site Assessment Committee rules, Google's opinion Prize demands 18 or older users, but still secondary panelists can be 13 people in the same family to access the program and keep track of their devices. This video below was created in August last year, emphasizing that the program is still active.

Unlike Facebook, Google is more advanced in finding out how research data collection works, which is collected and directly involved. It also allows "guest mode" when users do not want to control it, or under the age of 13 when the device is in use.

By adding non-empty variants of privacy, many people who are financially funded financially will not be able to fully commit themselves to a company that controls all the activities based on the full screen and what technology companies want to take. To reach the edge of competitors to get more data about users, Metro Metric on Google iOS seems to violate Apple's policy.

This is basically a business certification program for distributing App Store or Apple non-supervised applications only for personnel-only internal operations.

Google helps users install their Enterprise Enterprise Certificate and VPN mobile phone. Developers trying to make external IOS testing suppose a use of the TestFlight system analyzed by Apps and limited to 10,000 distribution.

We're still not hearing from Apple, but Google is fast moving. The iOS Screenwise Meter can prevent more penalties. Although Apple revokes certificates that are still solely for legitimate Google employees that are still used with Google's own certification. For this reason, Google's product development and daily work flow would be lost, if it were more than a way of combining the competitive intelligence.

But he needed seven hours to answer, as a reaction to Facebook, to get things organized by Google approximately three times.

We update this post with Google's statement, which will close iTunes Screenwise's iOS.

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