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Grimes New Song "We're grateful for power" Hana – Rolling Stone

On Wednesday night, Grimes premiered his first song in the 2015 critics Arteko Angels. The new Pana "We are impressed", Hana (former assistant), but not the first single of the new album. With the help of video clips, they are shown in different languages ​​and appear to be dystopian in the world, as the artist plays spiders.

"We value privacy", in its head, the most aggressive soloist Grimes has been released to date. Between powerful forces and straightforward industry (which reminds one of the most widespread bridge for a moment) Final Fantasy Score), will take the Nylone Nails-esque hard rock until 2018. Arteko Angels saw Grimes experimenting with more traditional instruments – guitarists – after the synthetic and mute experimentation of 2012 VisionsThis is a decisive step in the same direction.

The tumultuous new song comes after a profound annual musician. In February, Instagram announced that "the music industry will throw it in the trash" would be "new" "pop-up" news. "Grimes published several works with Janelle Monáe, Poppy and Loona, who also appeared in the titles of this year with Elon Musk's technology mogul, defended the practices of the Tesla unions and, apparently, Azealia Banks was responsible for dusting Musk, With her home, Instagram was trapped.

The album "We Appreciate Power" was announced on Tuesday night with the new Grimes market, with the new logo.

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