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Growth of Hipster colonialism | In europe


Last week, German-American curator Gunter Nooke said that European countries allowed them to lease land and build and run African cities, as evidenced by the expansion of migration from Africa to Europe. Nooke would allow "free development" in these areas to accelerate the African economy and create "growth and prosperity" and thus reduce the attractiveness of Europe.

The proposal has created mixed responses. Some have been an innovative economic proposal to solve a complex political challenge. Economic Development such as Special Economic Special Areas (ESCs) and Economic Accounts Zones (ZPE), which is the next phase of evolution, is the best way to stimulate growth in the economic context that protects industries that support open economic disasters. Now, instead of jeans and sneakers, we want to optimize people or at least work on them, protecting them from the realities and disasters of their societies.

It must also be understood that it has been a huge boost. The word "colonialism" has been raised, critics, in Germany, particularly the violent colonialism and genocide history in Namibia, Cameroon, Tanzania and Togo, have no moral authority to face this idea. Expanded, many African countries are also recovering from European colonization. In many African countries, the territorial level is still uneven and forms part of wealthy and white minorities, generating economic exclusion of generations. Many African economies did not overcome their profitable economies and intensive work-related inheritance to their European parties. Colonization violence is still very present in Africa: we say it is a new and modern colonialism, in a Europe that really frightens paranoia in a possible invasion of one's own black body?

The easiest way to reach the heart of this wrong with this proposal is to push back the basics: what is colonialism and why is it bad? The dictionary defines colonialism as "economically exploiting politics or practice in full or partial political control over another country". In the end, it is exploiting the potential difference, reorganizing a society for the economic and social benefit of others: the social and economic principles of society are more important than one.

So Nooke's main proposal is basically the colonialism hyster, arguing about colonialism, based on neoliberal or ideological tendencies, while calling for a system to exploit the most fundamental social and economic entity. Amongst those who speak for this proposal are stereo and agnostic terms, economic dimensions and potential financial growth and the most important element must be left. Below this, unlike human beings and particularly Africans, they are restrictive premisses that are not fully up-to-date humans that deserve a healthy lifestyle. Africans are just jobs or economic opportunities.

However, humans are not only jobs: we are complex, social and unconnected, and their needs can not fall into the money. "We do not want to remind ourselves that indigenous peoples, poor and exploited nations of our birth, are the concept that wants to eradicate the consciousness of black consciences from black men before our society encourages Coca-Cola and burger to crush people of cultural origin," said Steve Biko, Black The creator of the consciousness movement and the clearest anti-apartheid movement.

He noted that colonization and apartheid were more than just a breakdown of economic processes, although this process was particularly traumatic on the exclusion of the earth. Colonization was also the mental degradation of South African black people. The Apartheid system was a violation of the spirit of black people, it could have flexibility, and also a system of political organizations, shameless and embarrassed in their homes. Colonization is a good idea to demobilize a society for another.

More urgently, Nooke's hipster colonialism is a fascinating story and, indeed, exclusion of reality. Some data on migration in Europe easily hinders local failures. Nook does not go to the heart of the economic and political climate, because migration becomes an attractive alternative for African youth. What death would run away from death would be nearer to make the house more attractive? Nook has not said anything to Western corporations and Middle East governments about massive expropriation; one "war on terrorism"Has criminalized young black suitcases across the Sahel and East African coasts, an international political system that seeks self-determination and stability.

Then the number issue is simple. For most, most of those who try to migrate to Europe are not Africans, they are in the Middle East. In the midst of the 2015 "migration crisis" in Europe, more than one million people attending the whole of Europe, about 80% in the Middle East and especially Syria – a country that destroys a war that Germany has won. Sales of people undergoing regime revenues. If migration is very serious in Europe, war should be considered.

Expanded, African cities are doing a lot of work for Nooke economic enclaves. Privileged people are better able to get their facilities, opportunities and better representation than those of poorer territories or cities. This is not interrupted by migration flow. It has created a potential difference between urban elites and the poor, and also exacerbates the insecurity and violence against poor people, criminalizing the protection of minority privileges.

European schools and universities clearly demonstrate to their students possible colonization of underlying social, cultural and structural violence. It is a fascinating casino that the conversation is taking place in the shadow of the American missionary's death, in an effort to take the colonial and civilization mission of the North Sentinel Indian mission. Sentinels, XX. At the beginning of the century, he had a relationship with foreigners, he was asked about the invasion, and the young men almost immediately killed an arrow. We recall that the "civilization mission" of European colonialism is, ultimately, an invading and violent process. This dehumanizing, neoliberal and hipster colonialism is proposing a liberal and critical way, since it is easy to see what the toxicity of colonialism is.

Human mobility is becoming increasingly dangerous in the whole of the Mediterranean and requires a solid, coordinated and concentrated solution. But we can not ignore reality and history, because we have thrown around the reformulations of modern and modern languages. That's why we are looking for a solution in semi-oven solutions. In the end, Hipster Colonialism and the Nooke proposals remind us of another reminder that we must re-orientate our policy policy; We can not make any money, and we give solutions to reading a book of history.

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